4 Zodiac Signs Who Could Use A Hug This Weekend (April 14 – 16)

You might stubbornly say you don’t need a hug. You’re good! You don’t need anything. But then the thought of someone’s arms wrapped around you, your head on their shoulder, and you’ve changed your mind. For the following four zodiac signs, this weekend brings drama, emotions, or just a desire for a human connection. Time for a hug!


You can be hard to read sometimes. It’s your chaotic nature that makes people wonder what you’re thinking. As a result, people in your life might not offer you a hug even when it looks like you need it, just because they’re not sure how you’ll react. This weekend, start voicing your needs. If you see someone you care about, ask for a hug with open arms and a smile. (Or a sad face, depending on the type of hug you’re going for.) Openness and asking for what you need is always the right way to go–especially for someone like you who’s harder to read.


You like having control in your life, and some of that control manifests as the belief that you don’t need anyone but yourself. You can handle anything on your own. At least, that’s what you tell yourself. But you know deep down that’s not true. This weekend, you’ll particularly feel like you could use a deeper emotional connection that you couldn’t get by yourself. A good long hug might just be the easiest way to manifest that connection, though if you can add a heartfelt conversation in the mix, that’s even more ideal.


While some of the other signs on this list aren’t always the ones who like physical affection, that’s not the case for you, Libra. You don’t hate hugs. In fact, you often love a good hug as a hello or goodbye when you see the people you care about. This weekend, keep your arms open for anyone who wants it. You can be the hug the other signs need, and you can fulfill your own deep desire for physical affection while you’re at it.


You’re such a workaholic that it doesn’t usually cross your mind to stop and check in with yourself about what you need. Have you done that lately? How’s your mental health? How do you feel in your body? The odds are good that once you really look inward, you’ll realize that you need some emotional connection. This weekend, look for hugs from your favorite people. That’s the first step toward getting what you need.