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4 Zodiac Signs Who Have The Most ‘Kenergy’


Sagittarians have that golden retriever sheen that makes Ken so lovable. They would LOVE to have the job “beach” and would be willing to follow Barbie on any adventure she finds herself going on, even if it’s an existential spiral into the real world. You’re not afraid to brave the waves (even if you should be), and you’re confident enough to try for something you want, even if you don’t necessarily have the qualifications (like swim lessons). And let’s be honest, literally no other sign would be as excited to (wrongly) discover that horses are a staple of the patriarchy. Never change, Sagittarius!


Libra is one of the biggest romantics (and people-pleasers) of the zodiac and would quite frankly love letting Barbie have the limelight. If you’re going to be an accessory, at least you’re a good-looking one! You’re the kind of Ken who would always keep everything your Barbie needs on hand. However, you also care a lot about right and wrong, and it probably wouldn’t sit well with you to constantly watch all of your Ken friends be pushed aside. You want the best for the love of your life, but you also want to be the change the world needs! Just make sure you aren’t overcorrecting in your pursuit of justice.


Your Kenergy is through the roof, honestly, if only because you’re not afraid to embrace the camp that Ken embodies. (Please, don’t pretend like you wouldn’t become hyperfixated on the horses, too.) Your greatest dream is to have your own mojo dojo casa house, an iconic minx coat, and a long-term long-distance low-commitment significant other (who you definitely, totally would never want anything more with, nope!). You would thrive if someone would just listen to you sing covers of Matchbox 20 songs for hours. And much like Ken, you hate being left out of any social event, even if it’s Girls’ Night. You’re all the things that keep him Kencredible!


You love letting the people you love have the spotlight—but let’s be honest, you would also struggle if you never got to stand in it yourself. While you’re not afraid to dote on your significant other, you need someone who will reflect that energy back to you—and so, yeah, maybe you might go a little crazy if you’re constantly forced to be the second priority. Like Ken, you’d jump at the chance to get the recognition you deserve, and like Ken, you would look absolutely fabulous while doing so. Might you go a little overboard? Probably! It’s in your nature to run with something and throw yourself into it wholeheartedly. But what’s important to remember is that no matter what, you are Kenough.