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4 Zodiac Signs Who Have To Be Friends Before Dating

Friends-to-lovers is a favorite fictional trope—but how often do people fall in love with their friends?

Plenty of people enjoy becoming friends before letting a romance blossom. For some, it allows them to get to know someone without extra pressure. Others value friendships highly and aren’t willing to date someone they couldn’t be friends with. Astrologically, there are a few signs unafraid to prioritize friendship over a relationship (at least at first).

Check out the signs below (Sun and Rising) to see which zodiac signs have to be friends before they date someone.


Aquarians have a reputation for being detached and even relationship-avoidant, but these signs aren’t as commitment-phobic as they come across. Aquarius must know that a person is compatible with them before they agree to date them. In their minds, friendship is the best way to go about this. To Aquarians, friendship is the best foundation to build upon. If you aren’t friendship material, you’re not relationship material. They don’t take friendship lightly, and the person they date won’t either.


Geminis are social and open to different types of connections—but they are far more likely to be interested in romance with those they are already friends with. Gemini thrives on connection and communication. Friendship is one of the easiest ways for them to determine if someone shares their perspectives and values. While they are open to going out on dates to learn about someone, they far prefer someone they are already comfortable with. They need to know that someone is comfortable with their quirks and habits (and still enjoys their company).


Trust is the name of the game for Scorpio. While they may lean towards more casual encounters with strangers, relationships are on another level. A Scorpio knows that trust and security are paramount for relationships to grow, but they can struggle to trust others. They are determined to get to know a person fully before dating, and friendship is the best way for them to make sure things don’t move too fast. Plus, Scorpios are ride-or-die when it comes to their friends. If they are friends with you already, it means they are confident you are trustworthy.


Like Gemini, Sagittarius is more than open to the possibility of love in unexpected places. However, they often prefer to date people they’ve known as friends. This sign sees potential everywhere, and it may not take much for Sagittarius to look at their friend in a new light. Truthfully, Sagittarius isn’t one to rush into a committed relationship and is more likely to get to know a crush on a friendly basis first. Once they get to know someone, they’ll be themselves around that person, which is deeply important to them.