4 Zodiac Signs Who Make Narcissists and Manipulators Beg for Mercy

We love a sign that fights back – and wins.


Fun-loving, playful, and jovial Sagittarius may seem like they would never trade in their cheerful positivity for cutthroat vengeance, but what people often forget is that the Sag is also famously known for their hot temper. They are both the lovers and the fighters of the Zodiac and these steadfast archers know exactly how to land a mighty arrow on their intended target. Their blunt, razor-sharp words will tap into the narcissist’s deepest weaknesses and fears, instantly silencing them during arguments they try to instigate. Don’t mess with the philosopher who has gathered immense knowledge about the inner workings of a manipulator. When the narcissist or manipulator is trying to slyly confuse them with a silent treatment or attempting to make them jealous, they’ll happily bounce off to another country and come back with five different lovers in tow, leaving the narcissist’s ego in shreds. Try them, and you won’t know what it feels like to be significant until the Sagittarius acknowledges you again. This fiery fire sign will have you on your knees before you’re even done trying to play them. 


Sneaky Scorpios love to win a cat-and-mouse game where no one can tell who the real predator is. They’re not afraid of playing dumb when they sense a manipulator is trying to pull the wool over their eyes. But Scorpios are wolves hiding in plain sight. They carefully collect information on you and evaluate to see if you are trying to harm them or not. When you least expect it, they’ll pounce on their shocked prey (who assumed they were the predator – silly rabbit). They’ll seduce you with their dark and mysterious charisma to get close to you and keep all their secrets under wraps until it’s time to reveal they held the upper hand all along. And the thing about Scorpio is that they have no limits when it comes to fighting back, including publicly humiliating and exposing a narcissist or luring them into a trap they could not have foreseen, allowing the manipulator to hang themselves with their own words. Dare to try to fool them and you’ll be the one feeling like the clown. 


Magnificent Leo strikes back with a roar and Leos have way too much pride to ever bow down to a devaluing narcissist trying to make them question their worth. Narcissists make them feel competitive and they’ll do anything they can to ensure the narcissist is the one who leaves licking their wounds with a bruised ego. When it comes to attention-seeking, Leos will steal the narcissist’s spotlight and ensure they’re the ones who come out on top when it comes to being the best. They know how to make sure the narcissist is too embarrassed to even try to one-up them – or anyone for that matter – ever again.


Perhaps most surprising on this list is the elegant and otherwise gentle Libra who is all about equality and justice. But manipulators and narcissists easily irritate the fair Libra and can compel them to get justice on their own terms. They deeply believe in an eye for an eye and will balance out the narcissist’s wrongs with a ruthless fury that will shock outsiders who’ve underestimated them. Do not mess with a Libra – it may just be the last thing you ever do. 

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