4 Zodiac Signs With A Great Deal Of Guardedness

A person who acts “guarded” is not the same as an introvert or a snob. Introverts simply prefer their own company or that of a few people who are very close to them, whereas snobs may actually be very outgoing in their displays of contempt and disdain for others.

Guarded people, on the other hand, hold their cards close to their chest. They can be very friendly and warm, but if you want to get to know them, you’re going to have to start asking questions—and even then, you might get no answers. This may be due to the fact that they’ve been betrayed in the past and people have taken advantage of their candor, or it might simply be because it’s not exactly wise to tell everyone everything all the time. Guarded people aren’t the type to divulge their entire life story to you within the first 15 minutes of sitting down next to you on an airplane. This trait, this refusal to let it all hang out, can give them an air of mystery that some people may find intriguing.

Here are the four zodiac signs most likely to be guarded, reserved, and cautious. Getting them to open up emotionally may be more difficult than prying open a clam shell with your bare hands. It’s no coincidence that the top two signs are represented by the Scorpion and the Crab.

1. Scorpio

Ruled by Mars, Scorpio is the zodiac’s great dreamer, and their vast internal world is not all sunshine and flowers. They also have a very dark, shadowy, and intense side that they are careful not to reveal to new acquaintances or even long-time friends. Everyone has secrets they refuse to share, but Scorpio tends to have secrets that wouldn’t be wise to share with anyone, even a therapist and maybe especially not a cop. Because of their dark and turbulent inner nature, and because they risk quite a deal if they recklessly reveal themselves all at once, Scorpio also tends to be very suspicious of people they’ve recently met being overly friendly to them—they almost treat them as if they were spies rather than potential friends.

2. Cancer

The Crab, paradoxically, is regarded by many as the zodiac’s most sensitive sign. To make an analogy, the brain is the most sensitive and vulnerable part of the body, which is why motorcyclists are required to wear a helmet. Inside the Crab’s hard shell lurks an array of emotions ranging the gamut from positive to negative and from mean to tender. Because many people—perhaps the majority—seek to exploit the emotions of the more touchy-feely among us, Cancer acts like a doorman at a dance club who won’t let just anyone inside. The best way to get to their heart is to prove to them that you have a heart that can be broken, too.

3. Capricorn

Widely known as the most self-starting, hardworking, and goal-oriented of the star signs, the Goat holds tightly to their emotions just like a savvy businessperson holds onto their trade secrets. Don’t get me wrong—they are emotional people just like all other humans, but they also tend to view public displays of emotion and even private expressions of affection between two people as signs of weakness. Also, when it comes to business and getting work done, Capricorn trusts themselves, and only themselves, to reach the finish line, deeming everyone else as inept and a possible hindrance.

4. Aquarius

Aquarius is symbolized by the Water Bearer, and still waters run deep. Problem is, they realize that unlike them, many people are shallow, so they sagely keep their emotions to themselves until they feel it’s time to share them with someone they can trust. They like to draw a solid line between their internal emotional world and the stoic face they show to the outside world. While they can be very friendly, considerate, and engaging, they often refrain from sharing their opinions about you, whether positive or negative, until they feel doing so would be beneficial for both of you. They are great and compassionate listeners, but they need to feel that you are able to return the favor before they start sharing their hopes, dreams, and secrets with you.