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4 Zodiacs In Their Feelings On December 2


Taurus is dealing with a massive failure. They are grieving the loss of a potential success that never came to fruition, as well as their own confidence. They just hadn’t planned for this big of a mishap, and it feels like their entire life has been ruined as a result. Taurus simply has no idea how to get their life back on track from here. They are wallowing because this is the first time in their life the person they’ve let down the most is themself. Drowning in self-doubt, they are questioning their judgment, work ethic, and ability to gauge their own ability. How can they possibly find themself here when they were so sure they had it in the bag? There is still much to be learned from the past here, but it’s only when Taurus looks forward that they will be able to move on for a second attempt.


Pisces can’t put their finger on what has them in their feels. There’s a hint of dissatisfaction they can’t attribute to any one thing in their life, a longing for something they’re not quite sure they’ve ever known, and a grieving for something they didn’t realize they had lost. It feels like time has slipped away, and the world has changed, ripping the rug out from underneath them. They’ve lost the focal point from which they anchor and orient themselves in the world. Nothing feels stable, steady, or reliable—rather, everything has been rendered a disappointment, and yet Pisces cannot articulate the desired alternative. It’s like eating plain vanilla ice cream, not knowing that what you really need is pistachio because you’ve never tried it. The only way forward for Pisces is to get out the sample spoons and try a bit of everything until something sticks.


Aquarius is in their feels because their ongoing efforts have not been producing their desired results, and no area in their life has been an exception. A hundred bad first dates have left them feeling lonelier than ever. Communication disconnects with friends have them wondering where they went wrong. Saving paycheck after paycheck hasn’t seemed to bring them any closer to their financial goals, and it’s all starting to feel pointless. They ask, “Why am I bending over backwards if nothing is working out anyway?” but the question isn’t why, it’s what and how. What is Aquarius doing, and how is it being received? They need to pay more attention to the feedback loops around them and learn how to change course. There are some things in life that need to be done a hundred times before you get it right and others where you need to change your game plan. Learning to tell the difference between these two is crucial. 


Capricorn is in their feels because they miss someone. Everyone is pushing them to move on, including themselves, but it’s just making things worse. So today is the day to sit with those feelings and really examine them from all angles. What is it about this person that you can’t seem to find in anyone else? What does that quality say about them as a person, and what does your admiration of that quality say about you? Why, ultimately, are you separated from this person? Was there an argument? Did you keep your true feelings for them hidden when you had a chance to speak up? Once Capricorn gains new clarity on the past, they can decide how they want to move forward. Even if it’s not in their full control to rectify the situation, they can make key decisions about their emotional well-being. Not forcing yourself to date if you’re not ready yet is always the wisest decision.