Polina Tankilevitch

4 Zodiacs On The Verge Of Total Burnout This Week (April 22 – 26)

You’ve been working hard for so long, that it’s starting to get to you. If you’re one of the following four zodiac signs, you’re approaching your limit. If you don’t take a day off soon, you’re probably going to experience massive burnout. Careful, babe!


Even when your actual work life is going fine, the emotional toll you’re going through can leech into that area and all other aspects of your life. This is especially the case for you, Cancer, who feels everything so acutely. This week, you’re wrung-out and have very little left to give. Listen to your body and take some time off. Even if you can’t actually take time off from work, you can say no to social events or even no to yourself whenever you start to spiral. I know “no” is a tough word for you to use, but you’d be doing yourself some good if you tried.


It’s the optimist part of you that’s keeping you from recovering from all the over-work coupled with social drama this week. You smile and say that you’re fine, that you can handle it. While you’re a superstar in general, you’re not as immune to this as you’d like to believe. Before you can start avoiding burnout this week, you actually have to admit to yourself that you’re getting there. For you, that’s most of the battle. But once you’ve accepted it, you’ll have space for more self-care.


Sometimes life is just hard. For you this week, it hasn’t been any one thing. It’s not like you could point to work and be like, “This is the problem.” It’s not just your social life or family. It’s just the vibe. Life is hard and you’re feeling it lately. Maybe things will get easier as it gets sunnier and warmer outside, but for now, all you can hope for is to have a few days where you don’t feel melancholy. If it helps, you could go for a walk in the rain or take the day off to just breathe in some fresh air. Even little bits of self-care can help.


You’re a hard worker. You’re one of those people accused of “taking their work home with them.” Even if it isn’t work, it’s a hobby or skill that you’ve been trying to learn and perfect on the side. While normally you’re just fine in this cycle, it’s been getting to you lately. It might feel counterintuitive for you to take a break right now. You’re not the type to do that, but you should. Even people who enjoy their jobs still need a break regularly, and that’s you. This week is the perfect time to do it.