Jill Burrow

4 Zodiacs Starting A New Life Chapter In April 2024


Your dedication and perseverance will finally be rewarded after an extended period of taking shots in the dark with no promise they will yield any results. It’s these moments, when you place your entire trust in yourself, in your ability to figure it out some way, some how that you really discover who you are and conquer your deepest fears. After this experience, you’ll be able to take those risks you’ve been terrified to take, to swing for the bleachers, knowing that if it all blows up in your face, you’ll be fully capable of picking up the pieces. You have always been capable, and always will be. This is the month you memorize those words, and finally, finally, start to believe them.


You have finally grown into part of your own life, Sagittarius, like a sweater you bought several sizes too big, and now, looking at yourself in the mirror, it’s suddenly tailor made for you. You had the foresight to know what you wanted, what was meant for you, and sought it out before you were fully equipped to step into that role. This month is the day you realize that you’ve done the work to become that future version of yourself you once dared to imagine and hope to become. You are the dream incarnate. You have traveled, through time and lived experience into the future you desired for yourself. The relationships, the habits, the happiness that come with it are now yours to enjoy. 


Sometimes you don’t get closure because there’s unfinished business to take care of Pisces. Every story is not linear, not connected in a single time line. The gap or separation you’ve been experiencing recently has been emotionally draining and challenging in ways you never expected. But this is the month when something finally gives. When that pending conversation is finally begun. When the hurt is admitted. When the armor comes off, and the damage each party has dealt can finally be assessed. This is not a chapter where things pick up right where they left off. A time jump always means major changes to the plot, but that end you’ve been searching for is no longer the goal. Navigating this new reality is.


You are suddenly in high demand Aries. Thrust into the spotlight and onto everyone’s mind. It’s impossible to survive this exposure without suffering an inflated ego, but in all of the rush, you will have to reassess your priorities. As every door opens to you (and rolls out the red carpet to boot), you’re going to have to decide who and what you want in the process. With all the moving and shaking you’ve abruptly found yourself drawn into, those plans to settle down may get put on the back burner unless you truly have strong convictions. Do you stick to the plan, or explore the unknown? With one life to live, you could argue that time is of the essence for either path, so don’t waste more time than absolutely necessary in making that decision.