Megan Ruth

4 Zodiacs Starting A New Life Chapter Of Growth During This Week’s Full Moon

On November 27th, 2023, Mutable signs felt the impact of this upcoming Full Moon transit in the sign of Gemini, allowing them to see their growth and how far they have come in the last six months. For the next several weeks, Mutables will see their potential and magnificent abilities. The energy now may feel challenging but with Mars in Sagittarius, it will only have them pushing ahead, even when things could feel blocked. The transit is a reminder that getting to where we want takes a lot of hard work, dedication, and confidence. See how this transit will impact your sun, moon, and rising sign.


The Full Moon in your sign sets the stage for what you have worked on in the last six months. Things are different now with Saturn in a mutable sign, bringing more challenges than expected. Nevertheless, you know how to play the game and win. It is a time when you can meet new people who will help you feel the drive and passion to succeed. You may have lost sight of where you want to go, but this transit puts things in perspective. As you move at a slower pace, you can see just how much you have to do but get to appreciate the journey. You will stand out during this transit as others get to witness your charisma, charm, and dedication. Do not lose sight of your goals and keep going.


Today will feel like a reset and a period where you get to measure your accomplishments during the last six months. Make sure to not critique yourself if you had a checklist planned with things and did not meet your mark. This is a time to congratulate yourself because Saturn is making you work harder this year, and the lessons will continue onward for next year. Because Gemini’s energy revolves around communication, you could expect to reconnect with people in your life that you are no longer close to. With Saturn in Pisces, you may have acquired many responsibilities, but this transit will show you just how you have managed and stayed on top of everything because you are victorious.


This is a period of reflection, nostalgia, and finding your footing. It is a transit that can feel overwhelming, but it will connect you with your purpose as well as your relationship goals for the future. You are asked to uncover your power, be there for yourself, and be more independent, especially if you were reliant on a romantic partner in the past. Reshape the way you view the way you love yourself and be there for what you may be lacking in you. After this transit, you are asked to shift back your attention to yourself when the Moon enters the sign of Sagittarius. A period of awakening and empowerment. With Mars in your sign, you are going to be a lot more persistent with discovering yourself and fighting for what you want.


As a mutable sign, this Full Moon may have you go back to basics and see some recurring themes from earlier this year. Saturn has you going at full speed now that it is direct, making you more tuned into how you want to get to your path and the choices you make now that are going to elevate you. This is your moment to stay shining and get closer to your achievement. Relationships now become the focal point, as you may opt to preserve the peace, forgive, and move on. With this transit happening at the lowest point in your chart, you may feel more comfortable retreating, reflecting as you feel more connected to family and your roots. Dreams could feel powerful during this time, so make sure to rest if you need to.