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4 Zodiacs Who Actually Prefer Using Dating Apps

Some zodiacs want to find a partner the old-fashioned way, by meeting at work, a party, or a bar. Other signs are more comfortable flirting over the phone because there’s less pressure and a wider dating pool. Here are some zodiacs who actually prefer dating apps to flirting in real life:


Leos like being the center of attention. When they’re stuck at home and aren’t getting any social interaction, dating apps are the perfect way to get the attention they crave. They love seeing how many people swipe right on them – even though they might not be interested in actually developing a relationship with each person. Leos need to have their egos fed, and dating apps are the perfect way to get a boost of confidence when they’re feeling a little low. Plus, Leos love dressing up and showing off. Dating apps give them a chance to post their favorite pictures and show the world what a catch they really are.


Taurus have trouble leaving their comfort zones. They don’t like going to new places and meeting new people because they get too nervous. Dating apps are the perfect solution because they don’t have to leave their house in order to find love. Even though they might still get intimidated by sending the first message, it’s much easier to get to know someone over a screen than to make eye contact and flirt in person. Taurus prefer to take things slow, which is much easier when the relationship starts over text. There’s less pressure because it’s impossible to move too quickly when they aren’t in the same room.


Libras love getting to know new people. They crave connection, which is why they spend so much time on dating apps. Not only are they looking to find true love, but they’re looking for friends too. Libras know that romantic relationships aren’t the only worthwhile relationships – and they know that not all connections are permanent. Some of the greatest people they’ll ever meet will only be a temporary part of their story. That’s why they have so much fun chatting with fresh faces. They enjoy every single person they get to virtually meet, even if there’s not going to be a second conversation. Libras are social butterflies, so whether they’re flirting in real life or flirting over an app, they’re going to treasure every second.


Virgos try to treat relationships like equations that need to be solved. They try to find someone who makes sense with them on paper, who is capable of giving them everything they deserve. Dating apps make it easy for them to weed through people who want different things because it’s written right there in their bio. Plus, Virgos are overthinkers, so they like having time to think through their questions and answers. It gives them the opportunity to say the right things, to lead the conversation in the right direction. That way, they can make a logical decision about whether this person is worth their while.