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4 Zodiacs Who Always Dream Big


Leos are the sign that doesn’t stop dreaming of being famous in adulthood. Their aspirations evolve but never wither on the vine. They will always find a way to shine at work, with friends, in a hobby, or just casually out in the world. They believe they have that special star quality, and never give up hope that someone else will recognize it and give them their big break. Because of this, Leos are often more open to taking chances and looking for opportunities others are too afraid to even dream of. They are the ones most likely to reach extraordinary heights, because they never ever give up hope. It is something they have in abundance.


Virgos are the dark horse on this list because they can appear so strait-laced on the outside. So cut and dry, so to the point. It doesn’t seem possible that the same person who will argue about how a roll of toilet paper should hang has the loftiest dreams imaginable. But, it’s true. Virgos obsess over small tasks because they want to get things done, and the more they prove to themselves that they can make things happen, the bigger they allow themselves to dream. Behind a clean apartment are dreams of owning a home. Behind each spreadsheet lie dreams of a thriving career. Behind their punctuality, is a hope for true love. You just have to know where to look.


A Sagittarius lusts after the exotic. They want to know and be anywhere that’s as different from where they grew up as possible. They want to expand their horizons and their mindset. Avid readers, they know how much more world is out there and are jealous to experience their fair share. Reading stories and looking at pictures is simply not enough. They need to walk on the ground and breathe in the air at every destination they’ve imagined in their mind for years. They see themselves as the protagonist of the story, the host of the travel show, and the memoirist, all in one. They believe themselves possible of leading interesting lives and dedicate their time and money to making it a reality.


Pisceans takes the cake as the biggest dreamers of the zodiac. They see the world through tinted glasses, and season every day with the spice of emotion. Nothing in life is without symbolism, nostalgia, or a sentimental angle. When regular life holds that much meaning, anything can become a dream to them. All it takes is a little imagination, and Pisces are full of it. They imagine conversations, acquaintances, and entire lives that have no root in reality. Their capacity for detail and content within the make-believe that is constantly playing in their minds, like a matinee that turns into an evening double feature, is unparalleled. Calling it fiction doesn’t even do it justice. Their minds are an art form in and of themselves.