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4 Zodiacs Who Are Finally Ready For A Major Life Change In October


Aries, your major life change is shifting from a defensive to an offensive mindset. You’re a natural born protector, so it’s no surprise you are always working to preserve the things you and your loved ones have worked for. Whether that be physical property, mental stability, monetary investments, or something else you cherish, you’ve been focusing your energy on not losing what you already have. This October, you will feel secure enough to loosen your grip, so you can reach out your hands to grab everything else that life currently has to offer you. You’ve basically been guarding your plate, worried that someone could steal your meal, ignoring the fact that the table is set to be served family style, and there are seconds and thirds to go around for everyone. There are even a few dishes you haven’t even tried yet. So don’t be afraid to get out there and go after something that’s not already yours. A new job, a new skill, a new relationship, new experiences. Once you stop acting like you’ve hit your peak or reached your maximum potential and open yourself up and allow yourself to want for more, that’s when you’ll be in a position to accept it when it comes your way.


It’s easiest to make a change when things are bad, Sagittarius. That urge to run away and start over with a clean slate is most appealing when your current situation pales in comparison to all of the dream adventures inside your head, but because you’re a procrastinator, you never end up dropping everything to move to a new continent. Slowly but surely your circumstances improve, and that’s when change does come your way. When things are good. And even though you’ve talked a big talk, following through on big life moves becomes daunting and overwhelming when they’re no longer just hypotheticals. Your major life change this month isn’t going to be leaving your comfort zone, not yet, but acknowledging that you have one in the first place. You openly mock anyone who is glued to their routine, but blinded by your own hypocrisy, you’ve been ignorant to the fact that you’ve made a routine out of not having a routine. There’s a certain rhythm to your life. A cadence of socializing and processing your emotions alone. Bigger changes are coming your way this year. The steps you take now, acknowledging all the little habits you’ve acquired, will help you mourn their loss properly when it’s time to leave your comfort zone behind.


Capricorn, your major life change is a juicy one. You’ve been hiding a secret, not for your own benefit, but because you’ve wanted to be the bigger person, and this month is when it all comes to an end. The person whose reputation you were protecting isn’t worthy of the courtesy any longer, and it’s time to stop suffering in silence. Enough people have seen through the façade and have already taken your side (à la #TeamSelena), and there’s no point in continuing to keep up the act. You still have the poise and class to draw that fine line between honesty and a PR tell-all flop (à la Spare). Holding your negative feelings inside has only exacerbated the original wound and prevented it from healing. Being able to finally speak your truth will allow you to let go of the anger and sadness and eventually move on. Whatever fallout you were worried about the other person experiencing is something they will have to deal with as a consequence of their actions. You didn’t deserve it in the first place, and you don’t deserve the anxiety that staying silent has been causing you. 


Pisces, your major life change will be an increased level of independence. It could be something as simple as paying your taxes on your own for the first year or something as big as buying your first home or starting a business. No matter what the task is, you will have the humbling experience of learning to do it on your own. It’s frustrating to make the journey from completely clueless to clued in, but you’ll be forced to out of pure necessity. You’ll learn how to be patient with yourself, how to break down large tasks into smaller steps, and how to find renewed motivation, even when you’ve hit a wall. Working your way bit by bit through this process will make you feel like you are capable of anything, and you will be less apprehensive when it comes to taking on additional responsibilities of your own. The knowledge you gain will serve you for years to come, and you will keep building your acquired skill sets. You will also learn to identify and celebrate your own accomplishments. Society may focus on things like relationships, marriages, and having children, but you can throw yourself a shower for learning to refill your own wiper fluid too.