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4 Zodiacs Who Are Secretly Craving A Romantic Connection In March

It’s the physical touch. It’s the companionship. It’s the feeling that there’s someone out there who can’t think of a life without you in it. While some zodiac signs freely admit that they’re looking for love (hi, Taurus), not all are willing to be that open and vulnerable. The following four zodiac signs are yearning for a romantic relationship this March. Here’s hoping you get it!


It’s not that you’re necessarily secretive when it comes to dating. You’ll happily tell friends about the dates from hell. After all, they make good stories! But what you aren’t as willing to admit is how much you wish you found “the one.” This month, you’re feeling particularly gooey and keep finding yourself daydreaming of finding that perfect romantic connection. While you don’t need to shout your intentions for all the world to hear, you should at least admit to yourself that this is what you want. If you do, you’ll be a lot more open to finding it. (And not just open to finding the next story to tell your friends or TikTok followers.)


While you might think you’re fooling people by saying that you’re happy alone, you might be the only one you’re actually fooling. Sure, it’s totally fine to be alone. And most of the time, you’re more than happy to avoid all the social pitfalls and annoyances that come with being in a relationship. But right now? In March, when the snow is thawing and the wildlife is waking up? Yeah, you aren’t as excited about the prospect of going through another Spring without a romantic connection. Do what makes you happy and start looking out for people to date. You’re more than worthy of having something real and wonderful.


You often talk about how adding another person into your life would only complicate things. You want it to be easy. You don’t want to alter your lifestyle to shoehorn someone into it. While all of this might be true, you still can’t help but wish you had someone with you at the end of the day. Someone to cuddle with. Someone to accompany you on your many adventures, large and small. Instead of thinking about love as an obligation, think about the kind of person that would fit into your life. I promise they’re out there. And when you find them, you’ll finally have the romantic connection you’ve been secretly craving.


You’re quiet. You keep to yourself. You’re good at being alone. And yet still, on cold nights after a long day working on projects or hanging out with your dogs, you wonder what it would be like to sleep beside someone, rather than alone. For whatever reason, this March has been particularly difficult for you. You wish you had someone with you on your life’s journey, in whatever way that manifests. You’ll find this feeling sticking with you for a while. And the only way to make it go away? Get out there and find someone to date.