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4 Zodiacs Who Are The Biggest Perfectionists


Virgos are notoriously known for craving perfection and having everything done their way. This can make Virgo come off as “my way or the highway.” Virgos are also the most likely sign to call you out based on the mistakes you’ve made or any personal deficiencies. Because of this, other people may find Virgo to be very unpleasant and tiring to be around. This zodiac sign also has high expectations for themselves and others, and they expect other people to reach unrealistically high expectations or the standards they set forth. If they can redirect this critical energy of others into something more analytical, then it can lead to better relationships and friendships. 


Capricorns want to be the best at everything. They have the motivation to succeed anywhere, but the main reason for their ambitious pursuits is to be the most perfect person they can be. Capricorns have this fear of failure and of not working hard enough, and that’s why they push others to reach perfectionistic standards. In fact, no one tries harder to be perfect than Capricorn. This may get in the way of productive and efficient work, because they insist on everything being perfect. 


Aries are overachievers, and they let nothing stop them from getting to the top or being #1. Aries are also naturally opinionated, which can make them extremely critical of others and themselves. In their pursuit of seeking perfection within others and themselves, they may push other people away due to their standards and their judgemental nature. An Aries’s drive, motivation, and leadership skills can propel them into exciting endeavors and opportunities, but their highly critical nature can push people away, and this is related to Aries settling for nothing less but perfection. 


Scorpios like being in control, and they’re relentless about having control. Scorpios are likely to feel angry when life doesn’t turn out the way they thought it would. They’ve always wanted perfection in their significant other, family, and even friends, which is why they have a tendency to constantly remind those around them of their flaws. They can expect a lot from other people and can be very demanding, which is why many people get frustrated with Scorpio’s behavior. Scorpios can even be dissatisfied with how other’s comply with their demands and requests. To Scorpio, perfectionism is not a choice but a lifestyle.