4 Zodiacs Who Are The Most Awkward On First Dates

4 Zodiacs Who Are The Most Awkward On First Dates

Some zodiacs are social butterflies who make excellent first impressions. They rarely get nervous and are able to convince anyone to fall in love with them moments after meeting them. Other zodiacs are a little more awkward. They need time to get to know someone before they’re able to feel comfortable and relax. Here are a few zodiacs who are the most awkward on first dates:


This sign is eloquent and intelligent once you get to know them. However, they don’t always make the best first impressions. After all, they are overthinkers. They run a million different scenarios through their heads and analyze every word and action that the other person makes, which can make them come across as intimidating or just plain awkward. Sometimes, they can treat dates like job interviews because they know exactly what they want in a relationship and aren’t willing to settle for less. Since they’re worried about getting their hearts broken, sometimes they will keep their guard up high and refuse to reveal anything about themselves while trying to learn as much as possible about the other person.


This sign cares too much. When they go on a first date, they’ll want everything to be perfect. So when even the smallest thing goes wrong, they’re going to panic. They’re going to worry that they’ll chase this other person away. Since they care so deeply about making the date go well, they’re going to end up overthinking. They might not be themselves. They’ll be the person they think the other person wants them to be. It will be hard to have a conversation because they’ll agree with everything the other person says and will have trouble stating their own opinion. Although they’ll get comfortable the more they get to know this person, their crush is going to get in the way of their usual lighthearted attitude. Their nerves will get the best of them.


This sign doesn’t care about fitting in with the crowd. They might not behave the way the other person expects on a first date and will break some ‘rules.’ Since this sign is unpredictable, conversations can get awkward, especially when they’re around someone new who hasn’t figured out the way they work yet. Plus, Aquarius can come across as unemotional at times so the other person might assume that their feelings aren’t being returned and the date is going poorly. Unless an Aquarius is more honest about their feelings, the date could take an awkward turn.


This sign has trouble around new people. Once they’re comfortable and can let down their guard, they won’t stop joking around and making you laugh. But when they meet you for the first time, they aren’t going to know what to say. They’re going to clam up and let you do the talking – or they’re going to ramble on about something without realizing whether or not you’re getting bored. Taurus are excellent partners once you give them a chance, but they are nervous around new people. They are scared of the unknown. Going on a first date is a huge deal for them because it’s taking them out of their comfort zone, which is something they usually resist. So if they’re agreeing to go out with you, they must really like you, even if they have trouble showing it at first.