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4 Zodiacs Who Are The Toxic Friend Of The Group

We’ve likely all had to deal with a toxic friend at some point. They talk shit about you behind your back, they make you feel like you’re not good enough for the friend group. Being friends with them is the worst. But some of us are a lot more likely to be the actual toxic friend than to fall victim to one. Now, I’m not saying that you’re definitely the toxic friend if you’re one of these four zodiac signs, but the odds are pretty good that you are.


They call you two-faced for a reason, Gemini. Your moods will flip on a dime. If you have even an inkling that some drama is going on behind your back, you’ll switch to devil mode and make everyone’s lives a living hell. The chaos that circles you draws in a lot of your friends, but it’s also what gets them burned in the long run. Then again, for the friends who adequately avoid your wrath, you can be counted on to fight for anyone and everyone you care about. You’re impossibly fierce, which is something you might want to watch out for if you’re sick of being the toxic friend.


You’re well known for being a bit of an attention-seeker. The problem with always wanting all eyes on you is that it can be really easy to steal other people’s thunder. You’re the toxic friend most likely to make someone’s big news all about you. A friend might get everyone together for a surprise pregnancy announcement and 10 minutes into the evening you’re instead regaling everyone in the wild story about how you lost your virginity. A story they’ve already heard. Many times. If you’re not careful, you’ll have no one left in your life willing to pay attention to you.


You likely don’t even notice when your friends are mad at you. Why? Because you’re not around to see it. And that’s the part that gets them so pissed. You’re always off on your adventures. You have a rich life full of cool classes and events and travel that you don’t show up for your friends the way they would for you. When they talk about inviting you to events, your friends will likely say, “Should we even bother? They never show up anyway.” Meanwhile, you’re off ziplining down a mountain without a care in the world. Maybe you should start sending your friends little messages just to let them know you still think about them, even when you’re not around.


Most of the drama you create happens without you even realizing it. You’re so much in your own world, thinking about all the projects you have going at any given time, that you don’t read the room as often as you should. Your friends will feel like you’re not paying attention to them. And since you can be MIA for long stretches of time, that means that they feel like if they didn’t initiate a hang-out, you never would. Friendships with you can feel a bit one-sided, so maybe put in a little effort if you don’t want to lose all the friends you still have.