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4 Zodiacs Who Aren’t Afraid To Go No Contact

Some of us linger. After a breakup, we want to stay friends with our exes. Or maybe we keep contacting them because we’re looking for closure. Drunk texts, anyone? Not all zodiac signs are like that, though. For these four zodiac signs, they’re more than happy to cut all contact when it suits them. Whether it’s a breakup or interactions with a toxic friend or family member, they aren’t afraid to go no contact.


Aries are well known for getting over things before you’ve even gotten a chance to catch your breath. Whether they’re the one dumping you or it’s the other way around, they’re likely partying with friends two days later as if nothing ever happened. And unlike other zodiacs who go no contact but are still secretly seething, the excommunicated person in their lives doesn’t even cross the Aries’ mind. Because of this, they’re one of the most frustrating signs to go no contact with you.


While breakups are particularly hard on Tauruses, who commit wholeheartedly when they feel they’ve found the one, they don’t keep in contact with their exes. After an appropriate mourning period, they shift their focus to self care. And, for a secretly emotional Taurus, that self care includes ghosting their exes on all social media. Even when it comes to toxic friends or family, they’ll go no contact to spare their own heart. They find it difficult but necessary to cut all contact.


Scorpios are the type to go “scorched earth” when they feel like they’ve been wronged. A bad breakup, a friendship betrayal, a mean family member–it doesn’t matter to them who’s doing the hurting. No matter who they are, the Scorpio will go no contact. That doesn’t mean they’re just quietly moving on, though. They’ll tell anyone who will listen how awful that person is so they can get as many people on their side as possible.


It may seem counterintuitive, but Capricorns thrive when they go no contact. As soon as they’ve cut all contact with someone, they have the “best revenge is a life well-lived” attitude. They’re the ones booking a vacation or going for a spa day to attempt to cleanse their lives of all the negativity that this person brought with them. Do they have an air of superiority around this time? Sure, but it helps them get through the rough patch. Can you blame them?