4 Zodiacs Who Get Over Exes The Fastest

4 Zodiacs Who Get Over Exes The Fastest

Some zodiac signs stay hung up on their exes forever. They struggle to move on after breakups and pine after their lost loves for months — or even years. But other signs move on without a problem. Here are some zodiacs who probably aren’t thinking about their exes anymore:


This zodiac sign is impulsive and spontaneous. Even though they fall hard and fast, they also get over their exes fast. Their emotions change on a dime, so one night they’ll be screaming and crying over their ex. And the next day, they’ll wonder why they even wasted their time with someone who wasn’t worth the effort. Aries have short attention spans, so it won’t be long until someone new catches their attention. Even if they don’t find someone else to date soon, they have busy lives, so they’re going to be thinking about other things. They aren’t going to have enough spare time to dwell on the person that they lost.


Usually, this sign is a serial monogamist. They aren’t interested in flings, so they get in a lot of serious relationships where they feel like they’ve found The One. Breakups are never easy because they thought they were going to build a life with this person. However, they never stay single for long. They always end up in another serious relationship sometime soon, so even though the heartbreak is fierce and all-consuming, it doesn’t last too long. They’re going to end up finding someone who fits them even better and realizing that ending their last relationship was for the best. Their last relationship brought them here.


This sign is confident. They know what they deserve and they aren’t going to settle for less. Even though they believe in themselves, they love getting confidence boosts and validation from other people. When they go through a breakup, their ego is going to take a massive hit, but they’re going to bounce back by looking for other people to fill the void. It won’t take them long to find someone else who will shower them with love and attention. Leos are determined to live life to the fullest, so they won’t want to waste too much time crying over the past. They would rather enjoy the present and start building a better future.


This sign is independent. They don’t need a partner in order to feel like their life is on the right track, in order to feel loved and supported. They have friends for that. Even though a Sagittarius is going not get upset about their big breakup, they will let their emotions out of their system and move on with their life. They aren’t going to stay hung up on someone who wasn’t able to give them what they deserved. A Sagittarius might not jump into another relationship right away while their heart is healing, but they won’t be dwelling on the breakup, either. They’ll take some time to themselves. They’ll enjoy their newfound freedom. They’ll live life on their own terms and have fun doing so.