4 Zodiacs Who ‘Give Up On Dating’ At Least Once A Year

4 Zodiacs Who ‘Give Up On Dating’ Once A Year

Some zodiacs cannot get enough of love. Even after they get their hearts broken, they still want to find that one special person. They never give up. But other zodiacs don’t feel the same way. Once they’re burned by someone, they want to take a break from dating. They won’t want anything to do with love.


Taurus take a long time to warm up to someone new – but they take just as long to get over losing someone. When their hearts are broken, they aren’t in any state to get out there and find someone new. They need time to mourn the relationship that they’ve lost. They need time to heal their broken heart and get used to living life without this person. They won’t want to jump back out there. They will need time to get closure over what’s happened and to accept that this person is out of their life for good. A Taurus will be tempted to give up on dating whenever their heart breaks because they can’t imagine going through those feelings another time.


Taurus feel deeply. They are heavily impacted by the emotions swirling around them, so when they’re going through a breakup, they feel extra pain. They are upset that their partner is upset – and they are upset for their own reasons as well. Even though Pisces are usually optimistic and open to love, they go through phases where they give up on dating because their heart is unable to handle anymore pain. Because they cannot magically forget the last person they were with and move on with someone new. They need a while to let the last person out of their heart, otherwise they would still be thinking about them while with someone new – and that’s not fair to anyone.


Aries are one of the most emotional signs in the zodiac, even though they want to come across as cold and heartless. They fall fast and hard, which means their emotions can be a roller coaster. When someone hurts them, they might decide to give up on dating because they are stubborn. They want to prove that they don’t need someone else to survive. They are perfectly capable of handling life on their own. They are perfectly capable of having a fun, successful life without a partner on their arm. Every once in a while, they need to remind themselves that they’re a badass who doesn’t need to date, so they will take a break for a while.   


Scorpios hold grudges, so they don’t handle breakups or rejection well. When their heart is hurting, they won’t want anything to do with a relationship. Even looking at happy couples will make them sick. They will throw themselves into their work or spend all of their time with their friends – anything to keep their mind off of dating. This sign needs a while to calm down from the hurt that they were caused. They need a while for their emotions to cool down and for them to get into a space where they can healthily date again.