4 Zodiacs Who Have Trouble Keeping Their Crush A Secret
Grace Chung

4 Zodiacs Who Have Trouble Keeping Their Crush A Secret

Some zodiacs are going to keep their crushes under lock and key. They won’t want anyone to know how they’re feeling. They might even hide the truth from themselves. But other signs are more transparent about their feelings. They will blurt out what’s on their mind without thinking twice. Here are some zodiacs who have trouble keeping their crush a secret for long:


If an Aries has a crush on you, you’re going to know right away. They aren’t able to stay quiet about their feelings because they feel the need to act on them as soon as possible. After all, the faster they blurt out what they’re thinking, the faster they’ll know whether you’re going to be a partner, a hookup, or only a friend. This sign is pretty impatient, and they don’t love guessing games, so it’s easier for everyone involved if they walk up to you and tell you how they feel. That way, they can either start getting over you — or start making out with you — sooner rather than later.


Geminis are blunt about their feelings. They don’t see the point in being quiet or beating around the bush when it comes to relationships. They would rather start off honest because they want you to be honest too. Plus, Geminis are tough. If you reject them, they can take it. No, they won’t be happy about hearing no, but they will be able to bounce back — and they will be proud that they were brave enough to put themselves out there. In the end, they believe it’s better to shoot their shot and miss than spend the rest of their lives wondering what would have happened if they spoke up when they had the chance.


Pisces are emotional, so it’s pretty easy to read how they’re feeling by looking at their face. Even if they’re too embarrassed to come out and say that they have a crush on you, you’ll be able to sense it from a mile away. They’ll treat you differently than they treat everyone else, will blush when you walk into the room, and will be extra nervous around you. The fact that they’re crushing on you will be obvious, even if they deny it. Although this sign is terrified of rejection, they can’t help falling in love again and again. They are romantics at heart. They want to find that one special person, and even though getting turned down sucks, it’s always better to know for sure instead of wondering what could have been.


Leos might walk up to you and start openly flirting with you. Or they might not tell you that they’re interested, but they will tell everyone else in the room and it will eventually get back to you. Either way, their feelings won’t be a secret for long because Leos love to gush about crushes. One way or another, you’re going to find out that they’ve been interested in dating you, and you’re going to have to make a move. Even though they are natural leaders who aren’t afraid of rejection, they prefer to be chased. They want to know that they’re wanted. They want to feel pursued.