4 Zodiacs Who Hide Their Romantic Feelings

4 Zodiacs Who Hide Their Romantic Feelings


Even though this zodiac sign is bold and fearless in most areas of their life, they aren’t as comfortable when it comes to their emotions. They won’t want tto express how they’re feeling because they’re worried about what will happen if they change their mind tomorrow. They don’t want to end up in a relationship they thought would make them happy, only to end up miserable. They know how fickle they are so they are reluctant to commit. Although Geminis have a hard time keeping other people’s secrets to themselves, they are able to keep their own secrets. They are able to lock their emotions away so their feelings don’t get in the way of the adventures they want to embark on.  


This sign is analytical. They think with their brains over their hearts – and most of the time, common sense is telling them that getting into a relationship is a waste of time. They could end up hurt. They could end up distracted. The risks are worse than the rewards. Since Capricorns care so deeply about their careers and families, they’re able to convince themselves that a relationship doesn’t matter. Not only will they lie to the world about who they’re crushing on, but they will even lie to themselves. They will minimize their feelings so they don’t have to deal with them. After all, emotions are messy. Emotions aren’t always logical.


This sign is mysterious and secretive. They keep their cards close to their chests. They are great at dodging conversations and keeping the spotlight on others. They rarely get into deep, revealing conversations about themselves because they would rather keep their distance. However, they are obsessive. When they want something, they can’t stop thinking about it. It’s the only thing on their mind. So when they have a crush, there will be a lot going on inside their mind that they never show the outside world. They will be pining away for someone special, but they won’t let their emotions come across on their face. They’ll act like everything is completely normal because they won’t want anyone to know what’s in their heart. After all, when people have too much info, they can use it against them.


This sign is not great with communication. They want to avoid serious talks at all costs. When you try to ask them about their feelings or have an emotional heart-to-heart with them, they will make an excuse to change the conversation or leave the room. Talking about their feelings makes them incredibly uncomfortable. That’s why they tend to hide their crushes. They are independent, so they feel like they don’t need anyone else to survive. Sometimes they take this concept too far and refuse to rely on anyone else, refuse to admit they have crushes, refuse to listen to their heart. Aquarius can come across as detached at times because they never let themselves feel their emotions fully. They don’t like to talk about themselves. They would rather worry about the bigger issues in the world.