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4 Zodiacs Who Keep Getting In Their Own Way

These four signs self-sabotage themselves more often than not, hindering their growth, happiness, and success. If you’re any of these signs, once you’re aware of what’s holding you back, you can start to implement the following tips to break free from your self-limiting patterns and step into your greatness.


If you’re an Aries, you tend to be impulsive and headstrong, which may lead you to quickly act before thinking things through. You have a strong desire for instant gratification and want things when you want them. But that constant need to be in control can sometimes hinder your progress or lead to conflicts that leave you feeling frustrated, stressed, or anxious. 

Here are three actionable steps for you to take:

1. Practice patience and consider the consequences before acting impulsively.

2. Develop self-awareness to notice when you’re moving too quickly, in order to slow down.

3. Actively listen to others’ perspectives to help find balance and avoid unnecessary conflicts.


If you’re a Leo, you have a strong sense of pride and self-assurance, which can sometimes manifest as stubbornness. You often struggle with accepting criticism or considering alternative viewpoints, leaving you to feel like you have to do everything on your own. But this can limit your personal growth, how much you evolve over time, and the relationships you have with the people around you.

Here are three actionable steps for you to take: 

1. Cultivate humility—don’t take things personally and be open to feedback. 

2. Engage in activities that encourage collaboration to learn the value of collective efforts. You don’t have to do it all on your own!

3. Practice gratitude and focus on celebrating others’ achievements as well. It’s not just about you!


If you’re a Scorpio, you’re known for your intensity and desire for control. You like to pull the strings and know what’s happening at all times, but you also have a tendency to hold grudges or feel suspicious of certain actions of others. This can create self-imposed obstacles in your relationships and personal development, which leaves you feeling chaotic and confused.

Here are three actionable steps for you to take:

1. Foster trust with the people around you. Let them show you who they are vs. you needing to control every action.

2. Practice forgiveness, both towards others and yourself. 

3. Engage in open and honest communication to build healthier and more meaningful relationships. Tell people how you feel, and give space for them to tell you what they feel!


If you’re a Capricorn, you’re ambitious and determined, but you may struggle with perfectionism and self-criticism. You have a fear of failure and not meeting your own high standards or the standards others have set for you. Not meeting your own or other people’s expectations, however, can sometimes prevent you from taking necessary risks or pursuing your goals wholeheartedly.

Here are three actionable steps for you to take:

1. Embrace self-compassion and understand that perfection is unattainable. All that matters is that you do the best you can with what you have. 

2. Set realistic and small goals and learn to appreciate progress rather than focusing solely on outcomes. 

3. Cultivate a sense of balance by prioritizing self-care and relaxation. Sometimes you need to disconnect and take a break.