4 Zodiacs Who Let Their Partners Walk All Over Them

4 Zodiacs Who Let Their Partners Walk All Over Them

Some zodiacs have sky high standards. They’ll walk away the second someone shows them the slightest ounce of disrespect. Other zodiacs are willing to withstand terrible treatment that they don’t deserve. Here are some zodiacs who have a bad habit of letting partners walk over them:


This sign has suffered from their fair share of heartbreaks because try too hard to make other people happy. They work their butts off to please everyone around them because they are empaths. They are impacted by the emotions surrounding them, so they cannot sit on the sidelines while someone is upset. They feel the urge to reach out and help. However, their inherent kindness makes it easy for others to walk over them. If someone asks Pisces for a favor, then Pisces will help. They wouldn’t dream of turning away from someone who needs them. Their heart is too big to be cruel.  


This sign would do anything to protect their loved ones – so if they get involved with the wrong people, they’re going to get walked over. Toxic humans will take advantage of the fact that Cancers are willing to do absolutely anything for their family and friends. After all, Cancers don’t care if they end up burning themselves out, as long as they are helping someone in need. Since they are natural born caretakers, they never stop to question whether they’re doing the right thing by helping. In their mind, helping is always the right thing, even if it means they end up exhausted.


Libras see the best in every single person they meet, so they give others the benefit of the doubt. They never assume that someone has hatred in their heart, that someone is using them to get ahead, that someone has cruel intentions. Even when others make mistakes that hurt them, Libras are open to forgiveness. They will give out second chances without a second thought because they believe everyone can change for the better if they put in the effort. Unfortunately, Libras are almost too optimistic. Since they see the potential in strangers, they let down their guard. They allow others to hurt them, but they never hurt anyone back.


Capricorns have high standards when it comes to relationships – and they aren’t big romantics. They’re perfectly fine living life without a relationship and remaining single. However, once they find someone worthwhile, they grow deeply attached. They will want to settle down right away and start building a future together. Since they know how hard it is to find someone who is worth the effort, they will do anything to keep this person around – including letting this person walk all over them. Capricorns mean it when they promise someone forever. Even if that person is treating them terribly, they will grin and bear it. They will try to fix the relationship and keep their partner happy because they feel like it’s their responsibility. They will feel like walking away isn’t an option, even though it always is.