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4 Zodiacs Who Need To Get Out There And Try Something New On August 30, 2023


Virgo, it’s time to take a break from your own self-sufficiency. Hire a cleaner. Pay someone else to walk the dog. Step out of the kitchen and into a restaurant to spare yourself that dish-washing. You’re the most economical when it comes to saving in the places that count. The expenses that tally up quickly. But for once in your life, you deserve a break. You need that extra 30 minutes back in your day to focus on other areas, to recharge mentally and emotionally, and catch your breath. You’ve been running on fumes when there is champagne to be sipped. Let someone else apply your nine step skincare routine and just close your eyes while you zen out. Zen isn’t a word in your vocabulary yet, but it absolutely should be.


Trying new things is your middle name, Sagittarius, so what’s truly new for you will be sticking to something you really don’t want to do. Like cutting out alcohol or caffeine while recovering from an illness. Working out when you want to go full couch potato. Finishing the book you were so excited to start but quickly lost interest in. Today is the day to push yourself. Send one more resume for that job search. Check one more thing off of your to-do list. Just because you are a skilled procrastinator doesn’t mean you need to put yourself through that adrenaline and anxiety. Breaking down large or lengthy tasks into smaller bite-sized projects will help you reach that finish line.


You’re going to do one thing by yourself today, Gemini. Constant socialization has worn you down, and it’s time to find renewed comfort in solitude. Book that single seat in the movie theater, take a walk around your neighborhood, pull up a seat at the bar/restaurant/pub of your dreams, and just experience the joy of being in the world all on your own. Not in a group or on a date, not with family or friends, but alone. You won’t be able to help making casual conversation with the people around you, so it won’t be as isolating as you fear, but you will learn to identify, express, and act on your own whims and desires instead of always going with the flow of whoever’s around you. You’ll surprise yourself with the ideas you come up with all by yourself.


Libra, you need to try believing in yourself for once. You’re great at following the rules, at exhibiting caution, but you are lacking in the kind of confidence it takes to make it big. It takes an oversized ego to make it to the top, and you are still so concerned with not rubbing anyone the wrong way that your people pleasing is your biggest roadblock. You’re so worried about interrupting anyone that you always stop talking first. You’re so worried about trying too hard that you downplay your greatest accomplishments. Channel your favorite celebrity today and consider everything they had to do to make it where they are. The people they competed with, the consistency with which they had to wake up and say, “Yes, I can do this.” Look at yourself in the mirror and say the same thing.