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4 Zodiacs Who Need To Say ‘Yes’ More This Week (June 5 – 11)

Sometimes we get so caught up in our routines that we miss out on opportunities to break them. The word “No” is always ever-present on our lips, ready to spill forth anytime something out of our comfort zones is suggested. For the following four zodiac signs, you’ve been saying “No” for so long, you’ve missed out on countless opportunities for a more enriched and fulfilled life. This week, say “Yes” to adventures in whatever form they come. You never know what good thing will happen next.


You’re the master of your own domain. Home has been so thoughtfully cultivated that you often wonder why there’d ever be a reason to leave it. While it’s great to have a safe and secure place to come home to, it can become a prison of your own making if you stay too long. This week, say “Yes” to invitations, suggestions, and plans. You’ll very rarely end the night regretting that you did something different with it. And at the end, you always have your home to come back to.


You’re really good at getting in your head about stuff. You’re proud of your abilities to empathize and read the room, but that sometimes means that you assume some things that just aren’t true. No matter how good your social skills may be, you aren’t omniscient–you don’t know everything. The next time you’re inclined to say “No” because you’re assuming something about the situation, say “Yes” instead. It’s always illuminating to learn that your preconceived notions were wrong. (And you might actually have some fun this week.)


You have your whole life mapped out–not just this week. So when something spontaneous comes up, you’re rarely stoked to change your plans to accommodate it. You’re doing yourself a disservice, though. Even just a little wiggle room in your schedule could mean doing something you never even considered possible. It’s worth having to change your plans. At the very least, you’ll probably become a lot closer to your friends if they know you’re down for hijinks if they need you.


It isn’t just with your social life that you’ve been saying “No” to too much. It’s with work, with family, and even with yourself. Your outlook needs a complete overhaul, and you can start this week by saying yes to yourself. Don’t give up on your wants and needs. Don’t put off things that you’ve been wanting to do or to have. Don’t let others lead your life when you should be the one in the driver’s seat.