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4 Zodiacs Who Need To Take A Leap Of Faith This Weekend (Mar 17 – 19)

We get comfortable sometimes. We have the life we want to lead, so why rock the boat by doing something bold? Here’s why: Because you could make your life so much better. For the following four zodiac signs, it can be hard to get out of their comfort zones. But this weekend, it’s time to take a leap of faith on the thing that scares you. It’s worth the risk.


Sometimes your friends give you shit for how much of a homebody you are. It’s a classic Taurus trait, and it makes you mad that it’s so true. Part of the homebody existence is doing things you’re comfortable with and rarely venturing away from that. Here’s the thing: There’s probably something you’ve been thinking about lately that you want to do or try. Someone to ask out, a class you want to take, a bar you want to visit. This weekend is the perfect time to take that leap and do the thing you’ve been thinking about. This isn’t some major commitment, but one big step toward something that could be great.


No one can accuse you of not getting things done, Virgo. You’re a master of to-do lists. But that doesn’t mean you’re putting things on the to-do list that bring you out of your comfort zone. In fact, it’s the planning and goal-setting that keeps you so boxed in. Sometimes the leap is less about what you want than how you want it. For you, the big leap of faith you take this weekend could be something more spontaneous–something that you can’t exactly plan for. Not knowing how it might go gives you a lot of anxiety, but don’t let those feelings keep you from going for it.


Routines. You love them. And you usually have your weekend pretty set in stone as a result. You know when you’ll get up and what you’ll do with your afternoon, even if both are more about relaxation and sleeping in than achieving goals. But having such a rigid routine is holding you back. You might be hesitant to take that leap of faith because it doesn’t align with how you normally spend your weekends. Babe, you know better than to let a routine keep you from living life. Get out there, do the thing, and do it well.


You get caught up in “What if?” You think of all the ways something can go wrong that, when it’s finally time to actually do the thing, you’ve so thoroughly talked yourself out of it that it would seem foolish to do anything other than give up. Think of it this way: If your friend was asking you if they should do what you’ve been considering, would you tell them the same things you’re telling yourself? You know as well as I that you’re just looking for reasons not to do something that scares you. This weekend, ignore the part of your brain that’s sabotaging you before you even start, and take a leap of faith instead.