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4 Zodiacs Who Never Say ‘I Love You’ First

Some zodiacs won’t be able to hold back those three little words. They’ll be too excited to shout their love from the rooftops. Other signs aren’t going to risk speaking out first because they would rather have their partner set the pace. Here are some signs who probably aren’t going to be the one to initiate the I love yous:


Scorpios are mysterious. They keep their emotions to themselves because wearing their heart on their sleeve would be a dangerous game. They don’t want to get hurt so they are cautious about how much they reveal to others. Even after they fall in love with someone, they will be hesitant to say the words aloud. They don’t want to make a mistake they’ll regret so they would rather be safe than sorry. They would rather wait for their partner to initiate an emotional conversation because they aren’t great at talking about their feelings. They struggle to show vulnerability, so they might need a little push.


Aquarius are sometimes called cold and detached because they avoid having mushy, emotional conversations. They have trouble articulating their most meaningful thoughts because feelings make them uncomfortable. They don’t love exposing their heart to the world. Plus, Aquarius don’t pay much attention to timelines or what they should do, so sometimes they feel lost in relationships. Although they usually don’t care about what others think, they won’t want to mess up a relationship that is going smoothly. They don’t want to screw things up on accident. They would rather wait for their partner to set the tone and say those three little words first.


Saying I love you first is way too much pressure for a Cancer. Even though they might be head over heels for someone special, they are terrified of saying those three little words and not hearing them back. They are a sensitive sign, so they don’t think their heart could take the rejection. They don’t think they would be able to recover from the embarrassment. Besides, this sign doesn’t love taking control in relationships. They prefer for their partner to set the pace, so they can follow along. They are people pleasers, so they are happy to be patient with their partner. They don’t need to say the words because their actions are already speaking for them.


They are terrified of taking the next step in the relationship because they don’t want anything to change. They want things to remain the same and are worried that vocalizing their feelings is going to alter their dynamic in some way. Taurus don’t want to take that risk, so they’ll patiently wait for their partner to say those three little words first. This isn’t a huge deal because they like to move at a slow, steady pace anyway. They don’t mind taking their time because if this is the right person for them, they aren’t going anywhere. There’s no need to rush toward the next milestone. They can enjoy the moment without racing toward the next.