4 Zodiacs Who Should Put Their Mental Health First During The Long Weekend (May 26-29)
Sophia Sinclair

4 Zodiacs Who Should Put Their Mental Health First During The Long Weekend (May 26-29)

You don’t want to push yourself too hard and end up hurting yourself. It’s better to take it easy when you feel yourself starting to grow exhausted. Otherwise, you could end up doing damage to yourself that was entirely avoidable. Here are the zodiacs who should put their mental health first during Memorial Day weekend because they deserve a good rest:


Cancer, the last few weeks have been hectic for you. You haven’t had much of a chance to relax, but now that the long weekend is approaching, you actually have the chance to unwind. But only if you let yourself. Don’t feel like you should try to get ahead during the weekend and do extra work, and don’t take on everyone else’s problems instead of focusing on your own. It’s not selfish to focus on yourself for a change, to do what is best for your own mental health. You need a break, and you deserve to take one. Don’t put it off any longer. Don’t list out reasons why you haven’t actually earned the rest. Just take it. 


You are always worried about missing out on a good time, which is why you usually say yes to every opportunity that is presented to you. However, even doing fun things can burn you out if you’re not careful. You don’t want to pack your schedule too tightly and end up rushing from place to place without a moment to rest. Even though a ton of people are going to ask you to hang out during the holiday and there are bound to be plenty of events going on in your area, that doesn’t mean you need to do everything. You’re allowed to stay in. You’re allowed to get a few more hours of sleep. You’re allowed to put your mental health first.


Libra, you’re worried about how others perceive you, so you never want to come across as lazy or selfish. You want to be productive and helpful. You want to take on as many responsibilities as you can at once so you feel like your life has meaning. But you matter, whether you are being productive or not. Your worth isn’t tied to your level of output or how many people you make smile that day. Although your concern for others is admirable, don’t let it take away from your concern for yourself. If you need to rest, rest. Give yourself a break because you’ve needed one for a while now.


Aquarius, you are as ambitious as they come. You always want to make the most of your time, but relaxation is more helpful than you think. If you give yourself the freedom to unwind, you’re going to feel reenergized. You’re going to bounce back with more ideas and energy than ever. But you shouldn’t only be resting today so you can work harder tomorrow. You should be resting because you deserve it. Because you have been working so hard for so long and need to take a break. It’s not selfish or lazy. It’s a form of self-love.