4 Zodiacs Who Suck At Communicating Their Feelings

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4 Zodiacs Who Suck At Communicating Their Feelings

Some zodiacs are going to tell you exactly what’s on their mind without a second thought. Other signs are going to struggle to open up about their most intimate feelings. They’re going to avoid getting vulnerable with you, even when it puts the relationship in jeopardy. Here are a few zodiacs who suck at communicating their feelings:


Getting a Scorpio to open up to you is like trying to pull teeth. They are a mysterious sign – which can seem sexy and fun at first, but it will quickly get old. You might end up getting frustrated with them because you’ll never know what’s really on their mind. You’ll have to do your best to decipher their actions since they aren’t saying what they mean aloud. Although they will be happy to listen to you talk about your feelings, they won’t want to divulge any of their feelings. They’ll avoid serious talks, especially when you are starting out as a couple and they feel insecure.


This sign is known for being distant and detached. Even when they care deeply about someone, it’s easy for wires to get crossed. It’s common to wonder whether they care about you as much as you care about them. After all, they won’t always come right out and announce how much you mean to them. They are going to assume that their actions speak for themselves. After all, this sign doesn’t pay attention to relationship milestones and dating rules. They might not even realize that you’re waiting to hear those three little words or get complimented. They live their life on their own terms and set their own rules. Unfortunately, this means they might not communicate with you in a way that’s beneficial for the relationship.


Libras are too nice for their own good. Since they don’t want to hurt feelings, they are going to keep their real thoughts locked inside their minds. They aren’t going to admit when they’re unhappy with the relationship, which means you won’t have a chance to come to a compromise and grow as a couple. Even though they feel like they’re doing the right thing by not complaining, they’re actually harming the relationship. They’re keeping their partner at arm’s length. They aren’t communicating their wants and needs clearly, which could spell disaster for the relationship.


Aries are going to tell you exactly how they feel – but they aren’t going to do it in the most productive way possible. If they’re annoyed with you, they might curse and kick and scream. They might not think through the consequences of the words that are flying out of their mouths. They’ll simply blurt out whatever is on their mind without worrying about how it will impact you. Even though this means you’ll always hear the truth from them, it also means you might get insulted by them. And if they aren’t able to control their temper, it could spell doom for the relationship. Their bluntness only takes them so far.