Hatice Baran

4 Zodiacs Who Will Have Big Main Character Energy This Taurus Season

It’s the “look at me” attitude. It’s feeling powerful and fun even in quiet ways. It’s doing the things you want to do and living your life the way you want to live it that gives off serious main character energy. For the following four zodiac signs, this Taurus season, ending May 20, 2024, will have them standing out from the crowd. Are you on the list?


Honestly, when are you not giving off main character energy? Of all the zodiac, you’re one of the most “look at me” signs–even when you’re an introvert. And now that spring is in full swing and you get to break out your warmer-weather clothes, your confidence and swagger is at its peak. That kind of self-esteem is like a magnet, which means all eyes will be on you this Taurus season. Luckily, you don’t mind at all!


This is your season, after all! Of course you’re the main character right now. But unlike some of the more boisterous signs on this list, you’re doing it in your own quiet way. You’re the kind of main character who gives off quirky energy. You’re interesting in a way that makes people want to get to know you. And since Taurus season is all about making things happen in your life, that go-get-’em attitude will attract people, too. While you may not always be the loudest person in the room, that doesn’t mean people haven’t noticed you.


It’s your adventurous nature that’s making you the main character this Taurus season. With the changing season, you’ll be doing all the fun things you’ve been waiting to do all winter. Concerts, thrift sales, massive hikes–each little thing you do brings you closer to being the kind of person everyone wishes they could be. So many people dream of doing things, but you’re the type who actually makes them happen. You can’t get much more “main character” than that.


It’s your very essence making you the main character this Taurus season. You’re the type to turn every little thing you do into something worthy of being noticed. You’re the one at the coffee shop ordering an elaborate drink, but with a smile and a funny name to put on the cup. This Taurus season, your focus on your friendships will tip you over the edge into full-on movie-worthy main character energy. You’re always looking out for your inner circle, and you feel amazing by boosting everyone else around you.