4 Zodiacs Who Will Have Main Character Energy In 2024

You always hear people talking about main character energy, which basically refers to someone who takes control of their own life. Someone who leads the way and puts themselves first because they are serious about reaching their dreams. Someone who doesn’t give a damn what anyone else thinks. Here are some zodiacs who will have main character energy in 2024:


Aries always put themselves first. Even though there are plenty of people in their lives who they care about deeply, they aren’t going to set aside their dreams in order to please anyone else. They’re going to make sure that they’re on a path that makes them happy, that they have chosen personally. They aren’t going to let anyone else make their choices for them. Aries charge headfirst into situations, even when it feels like they’re not wanted. They are fearless, so they aren’t going to let anyone or anything get in the way of accomplishing their biggest dreams. They are going to take a chance on themselves, even when it’s scary in 2024.


Leos treat themselves like a priority. They aren’t going to get pushed around by others or fall victim to peer pressure because they are confident. They trust themselves. They know that their thoughts and opinions are valid, so they aren’t going to let anyone else tell them otherwise. They are going to do what they believe is best without caring what the rest of the world thinks. Leos are leaders, so they are going to take charge in every situation. They like to be the boss because they aren’t the type to sit around and see what happens. They want to make their own luck. They want to carve out their own future in 2024.


Geminis are spontaneous and impulsive. They aren’t going to spend too much time sitting around, pondering what move to make next. They are going to go with their gut. They are going to do whatever feels right in the moment because they believe they have a good grasp on their lives. Geminis are one of the most flexible signs, so they aren’t going to let any obstacle stop them from pursuing their dreams. They are going to find ways to overcome whatever is bothering them. They are going to make it through their worst hardships and come out in one piece. Geminis aren’t going to let anything stop them from getting what they want in 2024.


Scorpios are bold, determined, and passionate. When they set their mind on something, they aren’t going to give up easily. They are going to keep going until they reach their destination. Scorpios don’t need approval from anyone else – and usually don’t even reveal their plans to anyone else. They are secretive because they don’t care what others think. They only care about what they think. As long as they’re happy, they know they’re heading in the right direction. Overall, Scorpios are fearless and will do whatever it takes to succeed. They aren’t going to back down from their dreams in 2024.