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4 Zodiacs Who Will Start A New Life Chapter During 2023’s Sagittarius Season

Sagittarius Season will feel different this year since Saturn will now be making a hard aspect to the Sun. However, it is still time to feel inspired, motivated, and passionate about our work and pursuit of happiness. Mutable signs will feel this transit the most because it will help them achieve healing, love, and plenty of more opportunities to grow and evolve. The Full Moon on the 27th may add more of these elements and will allow you all to reflect on your path as well as how your hard work has allowed you to achieve this year. See how this transit will impact your sign.


Having the Sun in your sign will feel electrifying but challenging the first several days since Saturn will be squaring it. However, you know how to overcome and still maintain that optimistic mindset, which is what Sagittarius season is all about. There will be rough moments during the next several weeks, and this includes the Full Moon in Gemini opposing Mars and squaring Saturn bringing the focus to your relationships. You will be able to close some chapters and move forward with your romantic life. As a mutable sign, you are going to know how to navigate this energy because you are already familiar with it since Saturn was in your sign several years ago. You have already covered the classes, now you will just need to review some notes. Venus entering Scorpio in early December will give you the clarity and calm you desire as you continue to navigate through the waters and continue to shine through.


This is a pivotal transit this month because the Sun will be at the highest point in your chart, allowing you to move at the pace you desire. Although there are some obstacles from Saturn in the first several weeks, once you get through that, things will feel more manageable. The Full Moon in Gemini will be opposing the Sun and Mars while receiving difficult aspects from Saturn on the 27th, but this will help you to keep focused and stay on your toes. Saturn has taught you a lot this year as you learn to prioritize yourself as well as your responsibilities. Sagittarius Season could be centered on doing the analysis and the work needed to continue onward toward more success. You are more comfortable with managing your tasks because you are learning to trust yourself and you are appreciating those who are supporting you emotionally.


There is a lot of emphasis now on staying ahead with responsibilities as Saturn continues to aspect your sign. Sagittarius Season will highlight any relationship topics and provide you with the opportunity to be more transparent with your friends and romantic partners. You may be a lot more social and connected during this time and could see some people from the past return. When the Full Moon enters your sign on the 27th, there will be much reflecting on what has transpired in the last six months. If you need to restructure your goals, or if you achieved success with your current ones, Saturn will allow you to keep going, even if it feels overwhelming. The month of December begins with Venus in the sign of Scorpio, giving you more fuel and momentum as you continue to feel passionate about the work you are doing. 


Sagittarius season is a good time to feel grounded and re-energized for the next several weeks, illuminating your home and private spaces. With the holidays coming up, you could feel motivated to meet up with people or just stay at home taking it easy. Saturn could make the first few weeks of this transit feel a little overwhelming as you settle into the energy. Nevertheless, you can feel the optimism from this Jupiter-ruled transit, allowing you to focus on what brings you passion and lights up your heart. The Full Moon will also be a time when you experience a sense of clarity and revelations in your relationships, clearing up tension and bringing to light much-needed communication. The month ahead seems promising and hopeful because you can be rewarded for your patience.