4 Zodiacs Who Won’t Admit They Miss You

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4 Zodiacs Who Won’t Admit They Miss You

Some zodiacs are going to reach out to talk to you the second you pop into their head, even if it’s not the best idea. Other signs aren’t going to give you any indication that they miss you. They’re going to take the secret to their grave. Here are a few zodiacs who are never going to admit how much they miss you:


When Scorpios get their hearts broken, they want revenge. They aren’t going to admit that they miss you because they want you to suffer. They want you to be miserable without them. They want you to feel like you made the biggest mistake of your life by betraying them. Plus, they don’t want you to get any ideas about getting back together because it’s never going to happen. Staying away from you is a punishment. Making you believe that they couldn’t care less about you is a way to get back at you for the horrible things that you’ve put them through in the past. It’s payback for them, so there’s no way they would ever admit how much they miss you.


Virgos think with their heads, not their hearts. Even if they can’t stop thinking about you and want to talk to you again, they’re going to ask themselves whether it makes sense, logically. If the answer is no, then they’re going to keep you in the past. After all, they understand that it’s possible to miss someone, love someone, and care about someone without keeping in touch with that someone. Some people are better off as memories, so they aren’t going to let their heart steer them wrong and end up back in a bad situation. They’re going to make the smart choice, not the emotional choice. 


Aries are one of the most stubborn signs in the zodiac. They won’t want to admit that they miss you – even to themselves – because that would require admitting they were wrong to let you go. Aries are going to trick themselves into feeling perfectly fine without you. They don’t want to admit what a big role you played in their world. They don’t want to think about how different things are now that you are gone. They will do their best to convince themselves that they’re happier without you and that they’re better off without you, even if that isn’t the case. Even if you’re on an Aries mind all the time, they’re never going to tell you.


Aquarius can come across as detached because they have difficulty expressing their feelings. Even if they want to let you know how much they miss you, they won’t be able to find the words. They won’t know the right away to approach the situation. However, since feelings make them so uncomfortable, they’ll do their best to avoid the reality that they miss you. They’ll distract themselves with work, friends, or even a new relationship to get you off their mind. They’ll force themselves to move on – or at least pretend that they’ve moved on.