4 Zodiacs With A Noteworthy U-Turn Coming Soon In Life


There’s a wife locked up in the attic…

Figuratively, not literally Gemini. There is someone important in your life with a very attractive exterior. Dresses well. Good social standing. Financially stable. Owns their own home. Intelligent and witty. But they haven’t opened up to you completely. Like the rest of us, this person has their own baggage, but theirs comes with a little extra shock value. 

Their reasons for keeping this information to themselves may vary. Maybe they’re afraid of you seeing them differently, afraid they will lose you, or maybe they’re trying to take advantage of you. It could be any combination of things. When the truth finally does come to light, you get to decide what to do with it, but you will also be shown the ways you chose to be blissfully ignorant. 

In learning the truth, connections will instantly be made to the questions you didn’t ask and the unsatisfactory answers you accepted without digging further. The lessons you take from this plot twist are as much about your own behavior as they are about theirs.


Your mysterious benefactor is a convict…

The likelihood your benefactor is a literal Real Housewife turned jailbird, white collar criminal, or Illinois governor is slim, Cancer, but the conflict of interest still remains. You’ve gone on a spending spree with newfound funds, without doing a background check on the source of that income or reading the fine print of all the strings attached.

In a global economy where everything is connected, it’s virtually impossible to earn a living that is free of any negative repercussions. Whether your employer has practices you don’t agree with, takes money from clients who you find problematic, or any other conflict of interest is uprooted, you’ll have to take accountability for your part in it.

Or perhaps it’s all on a smaller scale, like a wedding you let someone pay for, only to find they want a say in the guest list. The lesson here is the same. Handouts, paychecks, and gifts all come with consequences, however large or small. You choose what you can live with.


Your sister contracts scarlet fever…

I’m kidding Pisces, but we all have those crossroads moments. Most of the time we have the power to make a choice, but there are other times we are sharing those crossroads with other drivers who cut us off from the lane change we were trying to make. 

Sometimes our past dictates our present. Other people look at us, and what we’ve been through, and decide where we can be of most use in a given moment. And whether we are proud to rise up to that challenge, whether the obligation feels personal, every move made for us takes away our power to have made a different one. 

These moments can be hard to accept because we’re not accountable for them the way we are in others. This is not the LC turns down Paris for Jason moment. This is the Emily gets sick and watches Andy take her place in Paris moment. Hard as it is to admit, parts of life are simply left up to chance.


The hybrid model was just a front, you’re going back to the office full time…

I’m sorry if I triggered you, Capricorn. The metaphor holds true here. You were told one thing. You took that thing at face value, only to find someone did not keep their word. 

You are a rule follower, a truth-teller. You live your life in much more black and white than you do in grey. You value clarity. So when other people take advantage of your willingness to follow along and follow directions, you feel personally betrayed when they don’t do the same in return.

Perhaps you’re a little naive, but maybe that’s preferable to the cynical version of you. The one that could develop over time if you start to naturally mistrust after being misled so many times. If people can only get what they want out of you by lying to you in the first place, perhaps it’s time for you to start doing business with those who value your integrity. Better to change who you play with than learn to cheat just to keep up with the others at the card table.