4 Zodiacs With Cold Hearts

Zodiacs with warm hearts commonly have trouble walking away from unhealthy situations because they want to give out second chances and practice forgiveness. But that isn’t always the right move. Zodiacs who have ‘cold hearts’ don’t struggle with goodbyes as much as the other signs do. They know their worth, so they aren’t going to stick around where they’re unwanted for long. Here are the zodiacs with the coldest hearts:


Aries, everyone thinks you have a cold heart because you’re able to walk away from situations (and people) who are a bad fit for you without flinching. But this is because you love yourself too much to linger where you’ll be hurt. It’s because you understand there’s no use trying to change someone who isn’t interested in changing. What other people see as a cold heart, you see as a sensible one. You are always going to put yourself first because, at the end of the day, you are the only one you can count on. You won’t apologize for prioritizing yourself. That’s the way it needs to be if you don’t want to get walked over.


Scorpio, some people call your heart cold because you don’t put up with BS. If someone lies to you or hurts your feelings, then you’re going to walk out the door without hesitation. You aren’t a fan of second chances because you don’t want to give someone the power to make the same mistake twice. You aren’t going to let others walk all over you, no matter how strong your feelings for them are. You have high standards. You have integrity. You would rather stay single than end up stuck in a relationship that is beneath you, and you are proud of that fact. You don’t care what others think about your attitude because you know you’re making the best decisions for yourself.


You’re highly selective about who is allowed in your social circle because you don’t want to waste your time with the wrong people. Your schedule is too packed to spend even seconds around people who aren’t good for you. Some might say you have a cold heart, but that’s only because you come across as quite stoic until people get to know you — and only a few rare people are lucky enough to get to know you. You aren’t going to give the same treatment to everyone you meet, but when you find someone you consider worthwhile, they will have your whole heart. They will have your full attention. They will see a side of you most people never get to experience.


Some people would say that you have a cold heart, but that’s only because they don’t understand how you’re able to pivot so easily. You are a flexible sign, so when you realize you have fallen for the wrong person, you aren’t going to stay and try to work things out that are beyond repair. You aren’t going to draw out the pain for either of you. You are going to say goodbye, and you are going to move on. Your healing process might appear shorter than it is for others, but that’s only because you accept when a relationship isn’t a good fit. You don’t dwell on it. You move on from it because you can’t exist in the past. You’re focused on your future.