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4 Zodiacs With High Emotional Walls


You don’t want anyone to view you as weak or vulnerable. You want to come across as strong and fearless. That’s why you pretend everything rolls off your back. You don’t want anyone to realize how much their words can sting you. However, keeping your walls so high is pushing important people away. It’s making you come across as heartless – and even though that’s technically what you want, it isn’t leading to the results you want. You don’t want to be isolated. You want friends who have your back. And in order to make connections that last, you need to let your walls down, at least a little. You need to express your emotions, even when they’re uncomfortable.


You run away as soon as connections get complicated. You want to live a happy, stress-free life, so you won’t stick around when the fun ends. However, that means you’re severing connections early. You’re only creating temporary relationships when you could build bonds that last a lifetime. You’re always the one to run away first because you’re scared of abandonment. You don’t want to be rejected, so you reject others. But if you’re always walking away, you’re not giving decent people a fighting chance. You need to let down your walls and risk getting hurt. Risk sticking around because some people are too precious to leave behind.


You pride yourself on coming across as secretive and mysterious. You don’t want anyone to have too much information on you because they can use it as ammo to hurt you. You keep an emotional distance from others as a way to protect your heart. You constantly make jokes about your most serious issues because you don’t want to express your authentic emotions. You don’t want anyone to see how much you’re suffering. But keeping your walls high ruins your chances of getting closure and moving on. It ruins your chances of finding others who have been through the same struggles. It ruins your chances of feeling less alone.


You rarely let anyone see the real you. You rely on your logical side, and logically, people are bound to hurt you. They aren’t worth the trouble, the drama, the extra stress. It’s much easier to keep to yourself and focus on your career and side hustles because you have more control over them. You can’t control other people, which is frustrating to you – but that is what’s beautiful about making connections. You never know who you’re going to meet or what you’re going to learn about them. The right friends and relationships won’t get in the way of your dreams. They’ll help you reach them. They’ll support you and encourage you to grow into the best possible version of yourself.