4 zodiacs with the most motherly instincts
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4 Zodiacs With The Most Motherly Instincts

Maybe you’ve always had your heart set on having kids of your own – or maybe you aren’t interested in babies at all but have always been considered the mom of your friend group. Either way, there are certain signs who are naturally nurturing. Here are the zodiacs with the most motherly instincts:


You are the type of person who will go above and beyond for others every single day. You are always putting your loved ones ahead of yourself because you genuinely care about their happiness and well-being. You have strong maternal instincts and strive to protect the people in your inner circle. Although you are normally sweet and kind-hearted, your claws are going to come out if you sense that someone you love is in danger. You will do everything in your power to keep them safe because you prioritize them above yourself. You would risk everything to make sure that they’re safe and sound.


You’re always the person that everyone runs to when they need help, whether they’re looking for advice on their relationships or need some spare hand sanitizer because they know that you’re going to have them covered. They know that you are always prepared for whatever life throws your way. You might not consider yourself ‘motherly’ but everyone you know feels like they can rely on you. They feel safe within your presence. They trust that you aren’t going to judge them and that you are going to help them through whatever they are experiencing, even if it means inconveniencing yourself in the process.


You are never going to leave someone hanging when they need you. Your loved ones won’t even have to ask for your assistance because you’re going to show up for them the second you sense they are struggling. It doesn’t matter whether you have other responsibilities to handle because you will drop everything in order to help a friend in need. You value their well-being above all else because you are a true friend. You are the type of person everyone wishes they had in their corner because you’re a real ride-or-die. You will do whatever you can to make someone feel better, physically or emotionally. You might exhaust yourself in the process, but you will consider it worth it in the end.


You are the person everyone turns to when they need a helping hand because they trust that you would never leave them hanging. You have always been considered the mother of your friend group because you always know the right words to say. You are comforting and encouraging. You can make someone laugh out loud when they’re at the lowest point. Plus, you always come prepared with items to fix whatever has gone wrong. Your purse and your pockets are stuffed with the essentials, whether it’s extra snacks, bandages, safety pins, water bottles, or tampons. Whatever your loved ones need, you have them covered. They can always count on you to pull through.