4 Zodiacs With The Strongest Connection To Their Emotions
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4 Zodiacs With The Strongest Connection To Their Emotions

Some zodiacs have trouble expressing their deepest thoughts and emotions. They might even struggle to understand how they’re feeling privately. But other signs are in touch with their emotions. They aren’t afraid of getting vulnerable, whether they are with another person that they trust or in their bedroom alone. Here are the zodiacs with the strongest connection to their emotions:


Pisces, you are never shy when it comes to your feelings. Although there are so many people in this world who brag about being heartless, you don’t feel like emotions are a burden. They are beautiful. They are worth expressing. It doesn’t matter whether you are experiencing positive emotions or negative emotions because you are going to let them in freely. You aren’t going to push them away because that would be unhealthy. You would never want to minimize your own thoughts and opinions. You would never want to stuff away the things that matter the most. You are incredibly open with yourself and the world. You have a strong connection to your emotions — and you are proud of it.


Libra, you love yourself too much to push away your emotions. They deserve to be expressed, which is why you are going to let them out without hesitation. More than that, you are going to accept them and analyze what they mean. You aren’t under the impression that crying equates to weakness, or that getting emotional is a sign of immaturity. Everyone experiences the same range of emotions, so there’s no reason to pretend you’re a robot. Your feelings are a crucial part of the human experience, so you aren’t going to push them away. You have a strong connection to your feelings because they are a guiding force. They lead you where you’re meant to land. They tell you important information about your core self.


Taurus, you are strongly connected to your emotions — but you aren’t always happy with this fact. Sometimes, you wish that you were less emotional. You wish that you could push away the tears welling in your eyes and will away your nerves, but that’s not how things work for you. Your thoughts are written on your face. Your emotions reveal themselves loudly. Although there are moments when this makes life harder on you, it also makes it easy for you to sense when you’ve found the place where you belong. Your emotions will tell you everything you need to know about whether some place or some person is good for you. You can’t ignore your emotions even if you tried because they are too large and overwhelming.


Leo, you are strongly connected to your emotions because you know yourself on a deep, intimate level. You love yourself enough to take proper care of yourself — and that starts by listening to your heart and your gut. You aren’t going to push aside your wants and needs in order to please someone else because you know you deserve happiness too. And in order to achieve happiness, you need to know yourself pretty damn well. That’s why you never push your emotions away. You explore how you’re feeling and express how you’re feeling. And no one is going to make you feel bad about that.