Megan Ruth

4 Zodiacs With Walls Around Their Hearts

When it comes to these four zodiac signs, closed off takes a new meaning.


The idiom “still waters run deep” is the perfect way to describe Cancer. Their capacity to feel is absolutely profound because they are deeply aligned with their emotions and empathy. However, Cancers are aware of their emotional depth which is what pushes them to build their walls so so high. They don’t want to get hurt or have their emotions wrapped around the wrong people, so instead they lay the groundwork for a sturdy fortress around their heart.


Virgos are known for their meticulous ways, often being deemed as perfectionists. While this perfectionism comes off as harsh or critical of others (which is why Virgos often get a bad reputation), it’s important to note that Virgos can’t hide from it themselves. IN fact, they’re ruthless on themselves and hold themselves to an impossibly high standard. While this typically makes them incredibly smart, dedicated, and diligent workers, it also can make them a bit shy. Because they’re overly aware of their own actions and critical of them, they constantly fear what others may think about them as well. So instead of finding out, they build high walls around their heart so no one can get close enough to judge.


Scorpios are incredibly mysterious. They’re known for being in tune with the darker side of life and never shying away from what others may find difficult to handle. Scorpios think and feel very deeply, which is why they are so turned off by superficial partners and friendships. They need someone who can be on their level of thought and engage with them. They come off cold because they’re very selective with who they keep within their inner circle. Scorpios don’t want to share their inner well with anyone who isn’t valuable enough to appreciate it, which is why the walls around their heart are towers.


While Sagittarius are fun, open, and outgoing individuals, only few get to know what’s truly happening inside their minds and hearts. Especially when it comes to love, Sagittarius keeps their walls high because they fear commitment that turns their life stagnant. They need to be free and independent and worry that a relationship will stifle their fire. So instead of forging deep connections, they form a multitude of surface level friendships that allow them to always spread their wings. The true friends and lovers that make it close to a Sagittarius’ heart will know the value in breaking down those walls; it just might take some time to get there.