The 4 Zodiacs You’ll Lose After You Break Their Trust

4 Zodiacs You’ll Lose Forever After You Break Their Trust

Some zodiacs believe in forgiveness. Even if you make a huge mistake, they’re going to give you another shot. Other zodiacs aren’t as understanding. They are going to walk away as soon as they realize they can’t trust a word that comes out of your mouth. Here are a few zodiacs you’ll lose after you break their trust:


Taurus take a long time to open up to new people. They need to move at an extremely slow pace in order to feel comfortable in friendships and relationships. However, even though it takes months (or even years) for Taurus to start trusting you, that trust can be broken in an instant. If they realize that you’ve been lying to them or hiding secrets from them, they aren’t going to handle it well. They are going to start second guessing everything you’ve told them in the past. They are going to wonder whether how many other things you’ve been lying about, how many other secrets you’ve been hiding. Their paranoia will spike, and the relationship will be ruined. 


Leos don’t want to feel like you’re making a fool out of them. They don’t want to feel stupid. If they discover you’ve been lying to them or keeping secrets from them, they’re going to be out of your life before you have a chance to say goodbye. They won’t want to hear your excuses. They won’t care about your apologies. They know what they deserve and know that they have better options. They aren’t going to waste their time with someone who is unable to treat them properly. They’re going to find someone who actually meets their standards – or will enjoy the single life. Anything is better than being with a liar.


Even though Scorpios are secretive, they don’t like the thought of their partner hiding anything from them. Scorpios are vindictive, so if they find out someone has been treating them poorly, they aren’t going to take the news well. They’re going to set out to get revenge. They’re going to do whatever they can to make this person regret what they’ve done. Scorpios aren’t the type to forgive and forget. They hold grudges. They stay bitter. Once you show them that you cannot be trusted, they believe you. And they’ll want nothing to do with you.


Cancers are a sensitive zodiac sign. They’re looking for a long-term partner that makes them feel comfortable and secure. If their person ends up lying or keeping secrets from them, then they’re going to get scared. They are going to start assuming everything that comes out of this person’s mouth is a lie. Cancers cannot continue dating someone once the trust has been broken because they are naturally suspicious – and if they know they have a good reason to distrust this person, they are going to be even more nervous. This is going to cause a lot of tension. A lot of fights. A lot of insecurity. Which means the relationship probably won’t last long.