Niki Sanders

5 Zodiac Signs That Make Exciting First Dates

First dates are already exciting (and nerve-racking), regardless of your zodiac sign. But some star signs naturally make for more thrilling and entertaining dates than others. Not everyone is looking for excitement on a first date – some people just want to relax, keep it casual, and have a good time. But if you want a memorable and unique experience, try dating one of these five zodiac signs. For better or worse, you’ll have a night you won’t forget… and you may just meet the person of your dreams!


As an energetic fire sign, Aries people can’t be still for very long, and a first date is no exception. They won’t want to sit through dinner and a movie – they need more movement and stimulation than that. They love a date that involves an activity, preferably something physical and competitive. Bowling, batting cages, go-kart racing, rock climbing, or an arcade are all ideal date ideas for an Aries. Don’t be surprised if your Aries date takes you to something like this or, if you’re the one planning the date, try suggesting one of these activities. You will laugh the night away as you play games and compete with each other. Why not make a fun, sexy little bet – like that the loser has to pay for drinks or kiss the winner?


Gemini is guided by Mercury, the planet of communication and intellect. This means that Geminis are always thinking, and they’re highly intelligent and communicative. As the star sign represented by the twins, Gemini also has many sides to their personality and various interests. This zodiac sign needs constant mental stimulation and they love trying new things, so a regular old boring date just won’t do. They want to do something intriguing and exciting, like checking out an interactive museum exhibit or taking a painting class together. If you have a date with a Gemini, make sure you plan something to stimulate their active mind, or prepare to be entertained if they do the planning. 


Leo rules the fifth house of the zodiac, which is the house of romance, play, creativity, and childlike spirit. This means that Leos are fun-loving and thoughtful, and they love performing big romantic gestures. Instead of taking you to a normal movie theater, they might take you to a drive-in movie and bring your favorite snacks and blankets to cozy up in the car. Or, they’ll surprise you with concert tickets to see the band you mentioned you liked. If you’re the one doing the planning, this zodiac sign expects the same effort in return. You’re up for a night of sweet gestures and playful laughter when you date a Leo, so relax and enjoy!


Sagittarians seek out new experiences, and their favorite thing to do is travel. If they don’t actually whisk you away on an impromptu road trip for your first date, you can expect to try food from another country or see a foreign film. You will definitely be pushed outside of your comfort zone, so be prepared! Pack a toothbrush, extra socks, contact solution, camping gear, or whatever else you need in case this date ends up going on for longer (and farther away) than you could’ve imagined. If you want to impress a Sagittarius on a first date, take them to a hidden gem of an outdoor area you know to look at the stars, or treat them to some authentic exotic cuisine. 


Aquarius is one of the most free-spirited and unconventional zodiac signs, so your first date with them will be anything but ordinary. Whether it’s a controversial art exhibit or a funky hole-in-the-wall bar, an Aquarius is going to plan something unusual. Or, even more likely, they won’t plan anything at all and you will just end up stumbling into some bizarre scenario, like Alice falling down the rabbit hole. If you’re planning the date, avoid anything traditional. Think of the oddest place you know or the strangest activity you’ve been wanting to try (like goat yoga, axe-throwing, etc.), and take them there. Your Aquarius date will appreciate your outside-the-box thinking and willingness to try something new.