5 Zodiac Signs Who Push Others Away To Protect Themselves

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5 Zodiac Signs Who Push Others Away To Protect Themselves


Aries pretend they’re heartless because they don’t want anyone to realize how sensitive they are on the inside. In reality, their feelings are hurt easily, but they hide their emotions from the rest of the world. They try their best to appear tough and unshakable because they don’t want anyone to use their weaknesses against them. Plus, Aries are impulsive. When they get into an argument with someone, they might say some things that they regret. They might insult someone they genuinely care about in the heat of the moment, but once the words are out, it’s impossible to take them back.


You’re scared of making changes because you’re scared of the unknown. You like to stick to your safe little bubble where you know you’re cozy and comfortable. Letting someone new into your life means giving someone new the potential to hurt you. You can’t stand change, so you don’t want to reprioritize your life for this person, only to have them walk away. You would rather keep to yourself. That way, you don’t have to worry about anyone other than yourself. You can do what feels best for you without worrying about impacting another person.


Like a crab, you put up a shell. You would do anything for other people – except open up to them. You don’t like to talk about your feelings. You would rather focus on other people’s problems. Although you’re sweet and have a huge heart, you tend to keep people at a distance. You want to know all their secrets but refuse to open up about yours. A lot of your relationships end up one-sided because you aren’t fully letting others in. You’re hiding bits and pieces of yourself because you’re scared they won’t like what they see. You don’t want to be rejected for who you are.


Sagittarius don’t want to lose their independence. They like their life exactly the way it is. They like having full control over their schedules and daily decisions. They’re worried that getting too close to someone will force them to give up their freedom. They’re worried that a relationship will take over their life and they’ll stop being the same self-sufficient, structured person. Even though they want a serious relationship deep down, they’re scared of giving someoneo else too much power over them. They don’t want anyone to have the ammo to hurt them.


You’re more analytical than sentimental. You think with your head over your heart. To you, feelings are too messy and unpredictable. You’re worried about getting close to others because then your logic will be impacted. You might end up making silly decisions in the name of love – and you don’t want that. You would rather keep your head down on focus on achieving your goals. Love is a distraction, which is why you try your hardest to only worry about yourself. Whenever you feel yourself starting to care, you shut it down. At least, you try to shut it down.