Dustin Adams

5 Zodiacs Who Are Stuck In The Past

Some zodiacs enjoy every single moment. They live in the now because they don’t want a second to go to waste. Other zodiacs have trouble staying present. They’re always thinking about better days. Here are a few zodiac signs who are stuck in the past:


Virgos are perfectionists and overthinkers. They want to do everything right and won’t give themselves a break when they mess up. They’re extra hard on themselves, which is why they’re always replaying the past in their minds. They’re always dwelling on what they’ve done wrong and wish they could go back and change things. They never give themselves a break because they feel like they should’ve known better. They feel like they could have done more. Overall, Virgos have a hard time remaining present. They’re either worried about the past or the future. They’re rarely thinking about the here and now.


Pisces are sentimental. They get attached to the people who mean the most to them. Even when they walk away from a friendship or a relationship, that person has taken up a permanent space in their mind. That person is never going to be forgotten. Even though Pisces might know that they’re better off without someone, they won’t be able to get that person off of their mind. They are going to keep daydreaming of better days. To them, the grass is always greener on the other side. They glorify the past and worry that they’re never going to be as happy as they were once upon a time.


Cancers never stop caring about you, even once you’re out of their life. They have strong sense memories, so they remember every detail of their past – and they replay it constantly. This makes it hard to forget about people who mean the world to them. They’re always looking back fondly on exes and childhood memories, missing the days when they were more carefree and innocent. Since they are so family oriented and traditional, they wish they could turn back time to see people that they have lost. They wish they could get a do-over so they would be able to appreciate the moment more while they were in it.


Taurus are nostalgic. They are kids at heart, so they miss the days when they were ‘allowed’ to joke around all the time. They miss getting to laze around the house without having to worry about a million different responsibilities. Taurus cannot stand change, so getting older hasn’t been easy on them. Gaining more independence and being forced to take care of themselves hasn’t been fun. A part of them wants to go back to the way things were when there wasn’t much to worry about, when they could simply relax and enjoy themselves without worrying about paying the bills.


When Scorpios are betrayed, they have a hard time getting over it. They’ll think about the past to a dangerous amount. They’ll remain angry about things that happened a long time ago instead of moving on and enjoying the moment. Since they’re so stuck in the past, they have a hard time trusting others. They’re always terrified that history is going to repeat itself.