Jacqueline Whitney

5 Zodiacs Who Feel The Most Alone Right Now


Cancerians are natural dreamers and are always searching for “the one.” They may feel that their lives are unsatisfying even when they are content with what they have. Because this sign is introspective and nostalgic, they tend to reminisce on fond memories from the past — even when they have everything they could want before them. In a way, Cancerians might glorify the past because it is easier than living in the present. Thus, Cancerians are likely to feel lonely because they’re stuck in the past, thinking about “the one that got away,” rather than living in the moment.

In addition, Cancerians can be moody, dealing with fluctuating emotions they feel no one can understand. They also tend to have highly guarded walls, which can translate into feeling misunderstood. The tendency for Cancerians to push people away before someone can really love them leads to feelings of unworthiness (as well as the thought they can’t be loved for who they are), which in turn, leads to feelings of persistent loneliness.


Scorpios have a reputation for being mysterious, secretive, and intense. Because this is their nature, they have a tendency to assume others are like them, which can result in mistrust in others when someone tries to get too close. Scorpios take a very long time to come to know and, not only does this push people away, but it also causes loneliness for Scorpio. At times, Scorpios may prefer their own company until they are certain that a deep connection will form because they don’t want to waste time on an insubstantial friendship.

If a Scorpio ever feels hurt or betrayed (which can happen quite easily due to their protective tendencies), they will put up walls to keep the person from hurting them again. This can lead Scorpio to push others away before they get to know them, bringing on feelings of isolation. Scorpios tend to hide, and they can hold onto fears of intimacy, trust, commitment, and vulnerability at the expense of opening up again, which can be a hindrance in forming healthy bonds with others.


Pisces’ emotionality and sensitivity can lead to feelings of isolation and loneliness. Pisces can often be found escaping reality by imagining an idealistic future. They can be found romaticizing their partner when they feel they haven’t met their standards (preferring their imagination over reality). This can lead to Pisces always searching and longing for “the one” who truly understands and accepts them, but this is also based on delusion and escapism rather than fact. In reality, this escapism of sorts can lead to feelings of loneliness and isolation within Pisces, creating distance between Pisces and the important loved ones in their lives.


Virgos are natural perfectionists. As such, they can hold people to unreasonably high standards and cut people out if they feel they aren’t a “perfect match.” On the contrary, their perfectionistic nature can feel suffocating, and others may choose to walk away from Virgo before they do. Because Virgo tends to find faults in others (seeking out perfection in their loved ones), others may distance themselves from Virgo. Their hypocritical nature causes distance between the people they love, as they are sometimes unable to see that they have flaws within themselves too. This can cause a deep-rooted sense of loneliness within Virgo as others distance themselves from Virgo due to their quest for perfection.


Aries is fiercely independent and competitive. Thus, they might not seem to be the lonely ones out of all the zodiac signs. However, they can be quite lonely due to their competitive nature and headstrong personality. They always want to be the first at everything, and this behavior will inevitably push other people away. Aries have learned to distrust others due to their competitive nature, and in return, other people tend to distrust Aries.

Aries also has the tendency to alienate those that they see as threats. This can lead Aries into toxic relationships, as they seek out people who are less competitive and less headstrong. For this very reason, this sign struggles to find stable friend groups that accept them for who they are (and they have a hard time feeling like they belong somewhere).