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5 Zodiacs Who Thrive In Long-Term Relationships


Leos have never been interested in hopping from one relationship to the next. They’re hopeless romantics known to stay committed. In typical fixed sign fashion, they’re usually in it for the long haul once they know they love you. They’re confident and generous and won’t hesitate to give you all they’ve got.


Virgos value stability, especially in relationships. Like Leo, they are not interested in pursuing short-term flings or taking part in hook-up culture. They take commitment seriously. They like to invest their time in a potential love interest. They want to grow with their significant other and bask in the progress they make as a couple.


Capricorns love being with someone they can chase their goals with. Like the rest of their earthy comrades, they appreciate a stable and supportive partnership. They like it when love feels like a team effort. They’re willing to build a dream with the right person.


Taurus is the least likely to end up in a situationship on this list. They’re grounded, trustworthy, and everything you need in an ideal partner. They don’t like to rush in love. That’s why they’ll always prefer long-term partnerships to whirlwind romances. They want to fall for someone slowly and naturally.


Scorpios go full throttle in love. That’s why they’re known to stay in relationships for as long as possible. They’re dedicated, loyal, and responsible partners who’ll do whatever it takes to make your connection last. When they fall, they fall hard. That’s why they thrive in long-term partnerships. They become more attentive, considerate, and kind.