Miriam Alonso

5 Zodiacs Who Will Always See The Good In You


Pisces sees good in the world, period. That’s why seeing the good in others comes so naturally to them. They are kind, compassionate, and one of the most understanding people in the zodiac. On top of having a spiritual side, these water signs can usually tell when someone is having a bad day or is feeling afraid. They’re intuitive enough to know there’s always more to a person than meets the eye.


Like Pisces, Cancer is as intuitive. They’re empathetic, considerate and one of the most caring people you’ll meet. They can put themselves in someone else’s shoes and approach daily struggles compassionately. They can tell when someone isn’t being genuine but will often choose to see the side that person has yet to see.


Taurus is the sentimental earth sign. They are kind and generous and are some of the most loyal people to have around. When these signs love you, they will see the good in you for the rest of their lives. Regardless of misunderstandings or mistakes, they’ll continue to believe in you and all the parts that you keep hidden.


As the most optimistic sign in the zodiac, it’s only fitting that Sagittarius persists in seeing the good in people. Especially when they love you, you can almost do no wrong. These fire signs can also be empathetic and are known to keep their hearts open. Their experiences and travels give them a broader perspective on people and their potential.


Leos have a big heart that they wear on their sleeve. They are incredibly loyal, caring, and one of the most devoted partners to be with. With their loyalty, they can never stay mad at you or hold a grudge for too long. These signs love hard, and it is almost impossible for them to see you differently, especially when their efforts are reciprocated back.