5 Zodiacs Who Will Never Settle For Situationships

5 Zodiacs Who Will Never Settle For Undefined Situationships

Situationships are undefined, casual relationships where you’re not exactly sure where you stand with the other person. Although some signs are cool with this type of uncertainty, others aren’t going to handle it nearly as well. Here are some zodiacs who aren’t going to settle for a situationship:


Taurus cannot stand uncertainty. They will force you to define the relationship because they won’t want to waste their time interpreting mixed signals. If someone isn’t one hundred percent invested in them, then they are going to get scared. They are going to assume the situation will only end in heartbreak. It’s a big deal for a Taurus to take a chance on someone and enter a new relationship, so if you aren’t willing to give them every little piece of yourself, they aren’t going to give you a single piece of themselves.  


Leos want a partner who is interested in them and only them. They aren’t going to fight for your attention. They aren’t going to compete with other people to become the one you want more. If you’re interested in other people, Leos are going to lose interest in you. They need to feel important. They need to feel like you actually care. If it’s clear that they’re interchangeable to you, then they aren’t going to stick around. They’ll walk away without a glance back. 


Virgos see the world in black and white. Since they’re so logical, they don’t see the point in staying in a situationship where they’re constantly questioning where they stand. Virgos are able to take their emotions out of the equation, so they aren’t going to let someone walk over them. Even if they really like you, they are smart enough to walk away if you refuse to give them what they want. They aren’t going to stick around and hope you come to your senses. They would rather be on their own than with someone who fails to appreciate them.


Cancers are only interested in serious relationships. They aren’t going to settle for situationships because they are possessive of the people they love. They won’t want their partner to be spending chunks of time with other crushes. That would make them way too jealous and insecure. Cancers want a partner they can picture forever alongside, so they won’t want to feel like the one who cares more, the one who is working harder. Even though Cancers are completely fine with putting effort into relationships, they don’t want to be the only one trying.


This sign isn’t going to get involved in any messy relationships because they won’t want to put themselves through the stress. Capricorns would much rather stay single than deal with constant heartbreak – and that’s exactly what situationships are to them. They don’t have any interest in playing games or guessing what someone else is thinking. They are willing to commit if the other person feels the same, but they aren’t going to beg anyone for attention. They aren’t going to settle for a relationship that feels entirely one-sided.