Sora Shimazaki

6 Zodiacs Who Will Most Likely Find Love Where They Work


Capricorns spend most of their time at work. So, it’s very likely that they’d find a potential suitor there. They’re in their element when they’re at the office. They’re usually their most confident, self-assured, and relaxed — all the qualities needed to attract that ideal someone.


Virgo has a knack for becoming hyper-focused on a task, so they tend to attract few admirers as a result. Like Capricorn, they also thrive in the workplace. They value their career successes, as stability is their primary goal. They’re ambitious and work smart, giving them all the confidence they need to attract someone.


Career-oriented and romantic, how could Taurus not find love in the workplace? Though they’d never purposely look for love where they work, they’re still most likely to find it there regardless. They’re their best selves when working, and that’s enough to attract someone they’re compatible with (even unknowingly).


Cancers are as work-oriented as Capricorns. They value stability and tend to spend more time at their workplace than planned. Their jobs are everything to them and can ignite their creativity and passion, which could easily attract someone who’ll admire them for it.


Scorpios are the type to stick around long after office hours. They’re dedicated to their careers and often like to give all they can to their work. They’re at their most impressive in the workplace. They often show off their drive, skillset, and ambition. Along the way, this will attract someone they’d never expect to draw into their web.


Aquarius is in their element when they combine their work with what they’re passionate about. From there, you’ll see them spending a lot of time at the workplace. They’re their happiest when they’ve found their purpose. And at the end of the day, it’ll attract someone who compliments them.