Dana Tentis

6 Zodiacs You’ll Attract If You’re Very Ambitious


Ambitious to a fault, there’s no better person to attract this earth sign than someone with drive. Success matters to a Capricorn; if that matters to you too, they’ll focus their attention on you and only you. They are fearless in reaching for the stars and pursuing a stable life. So, your dreams will pique their interest, but your plans will entice them.


Scorpios always pursue what they want. If you have a similar drive, you can most definitely count on their attraction. They like people who live with an all-or-nothing mindset. So, if you dream big, live fully, and aren’t afraid to go after what you want, you’ll land a Scorpio.


Virgos love it when their partners have their life together. So, if you regularly plan for the future, you’ll be on their radar. Stability is the most important thing to them, so if you could add to that, they’ll surely want to get to know you.


Like their fellow earth signs, Taurus loves go-getters. Tell them your dreams and goals, and they’ll want to ask you out on the spot. Living a good life is essential to them. They’re romantics at heart, but they want someone they can depend on.


Leos are big dreamers who are fearless in climbing to the top. They give their all in everything they do and expect their partners to do the same. You’ll catch their eye if you’re as passionate as them. They’re looking for someone self-sufficient and determined.


If you’re a big dreamer who doesn’t take no for an answer, Aries will be very attracted to you. They live life to the fullest and want someone who does the same. So, tell them about the business you want to start or the company you want to move up in; they’ll want to hear all about it.