V Marin

These 4 Zodiacs Are Aging Backwards

There are certain zodiac signs that seem to age backwards over time and look and feel as young as ever. Perhaps it’s their consistent exercise and skincare routine, their beautiful genes, their manifestation skills, or their forever youthful energy, but these signs are destined to age backwards.


You’ve tapped into the fountain of youth, Libra, and no one can figure it out. How is that everyone around you seems to mature, and you’re here looking and feeling even more radiant than you did in your early twenties? Venus blesses you with delightful beauty, so perhaps it adds a youthful glow to your skin along with your shimmering energy. But more importantly, it’s your powerful manifestation mindset: you believe you age backwards, so the clock does too. 


Maybe it’s your playful attitude that stands the test of time, or your mother’s youthful genes, but you, Sagittarius, always seem to age backwards and become even more gorgeous as time goes on. As each year goes by, you level up and glow up. You pick up new fitness and health habits that sculpt your body and mind beautifully, grow more confident in your fashion choices, feel the sun shining on your face as you travel through different countries, and your physical appearance and energy both undergo a massive makeover. You learn new things and your glow-ups become even more epic as time goes by. You are forever young in spirit, mind, and body, Sagittarius. 


Your bright and cheerful disposition is perhaps what makes people take a double glance and mistake you as always younger than you are. You always have an abundance of exuberant energy and are ready to tackle anything that comes your way. You’ve always taken good care of yourself, Leo, which causes you to age backwards and for very little changes to take place physically even though you mature emotionally. When people see you, it’s like no time has passed at all. 


Your love for love, empathy for others and strong connections keep you young, Cancer, in mind, body, and soul. Maybe it’s the way you’re always in pursuit of romance, or always in the arms of a lover – but all that oxytocin and dopamine sure are clearing up your skin, giving you a youthful glow that transcends time.